CanvasLIVE (2017-11-6): Videos in the Classroom

Blog Post created by Administrator on Nov 6, 2017

Video in the classroom is no longer a novelty. The days of rolling the A/V unit into your classroom hardly generates the enthusiasm it used to (lol, I probably just dated myself). Students expect to see video in their multi-media learning environments. How can we leverage video more strategically to engage learning (and not have it disappear within the course as another piece of content students glaze over or half-watch)?


So, we curated some resources and launched a new CanvasLIVE series to continue conversations regarding best practices for using video in the classroom... 


Super-Star Video Resources

Luckily, community resources exist to help spark these discussion. Check out Sean Nufer's post Strategies for Faculty to Create Awesome Online Videos. He links to his YouTube video which showcases examples of educational video platforms that are free, cheap, and/or native to the Canvas LMS environment. But, he also shares tips on (and this is my fave part) the do's/don'ts around creating your own videos.


For those who leverage existing resources from places like YouTube or Vimeo, check out Tom Gibson's blog on Alternate Way to Embed Code for Video Media on Pages and (my fave oldie-but-goodie) by Laura Joseph called The specified item was not found.. Both serve up pro tips to embedding videos into your Canvas courses.


And since accessibility is a serious concern when it comes to videos, nothing gets to the heart of a solution like Denise Dejonghe's post Captioning YouTube Videos Created by Others using Amara


A new CanvasLIVE Series

We thought it timely to start a series called Videos in the Classroom, an introductory series to showcase some ways to surface video content within Canvas, leveraging native Canvas tools, YouTube, and ARC (for those who currently leverage this tool or are simply curious to preview it).



We hope to add more to this series throughout the year. Stay tuned... 


Sharing Best Practices

We want to hear your best tips for embedding or creating video in your classrooms. Is it best to capture video on your mobile in landscape mode? Are there cool capture tools that make it easy to capture your screen? Is shorter still better? (BTW, I just queried videos about making videos on YouTube... wowzah!... I wonder if any of these tips would translate into videos for the classroom!)


Please share your feedback, tips, best practices in the comments below.


Hope to see you in a CanvasLIVE session soon!