CanvasCon Sydney 2018

Blog Post created by Administrator on Oct 16, 2018

Earlier this year (September 2018), we hosted a CanvasCon in Sydney. While we weren't able to do any live-streaming during the event, we were successful in recording the sessions from the conference.


Below is the list of the sessions from CanvasCon Sydney (in no particular order). Click to learn more about the topic and presenters:


  1. VET Assessment Using Canvas 
  2. Transformative Uses of Canvas 
  3. Getting Personal 
  4. Coffee Shops & Blended Learning 
  5. Promoting Excellence Through Digital Learning 
  6. Hacking the Platform: Using the LMS to inspire transformation 
  7. 'Message students who' On Steroids 
  8. Get Awesome with Canvas 
  9. How Can I Do This Online with Canvas? 
  10. Harnessing the Hidden Side of Canvas 
  11. Building on Canvas 
  12. Individualised assessments using Canvas Quizzes 
  13. Using video to enhance student learning and engagement 
  14. CanvasCon Sydney 2018 - Opening Keynote Jared Stein 
  15. Our Canvas Community Needs You 
  16. Embracing the Canvas Production Release 
  17. Evaluating Your Canvas Environment 
  18. Using Literacy and Numeracy Initiatives to Drive Whole School Canvas Implementation 
  19. Flipping Practical Subjects with Canvas 
  20. Clean. Crisp. Compliant. 
  21. RMIT Project Rewire 
  22. UTS Postgraduate futures: Designing an interactive learner experience in Canvas 
  23. Hub and Spokes of Innovation: A Canvas Transition Story 
  24. Boundless Canvas 
  25. Feedback Next - Continuous Reporting in Canvas 
  26. Second Year Syndrome 
  27. Empowering students personal and social capabilities through Canvas 
  28. Whitelisting LTI's for Your Institution 


Here are the Partner Lightning Rounds:


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!




Canvas Events Team