CanvasCon London (2018)

Blog Post created by Administrator on Nov 20, 2018

Earlier this year (October 2018), we hosted a CanvasCon in London. While we weren't able to do any live-streaming during the event, we were successful in recording the sessions from the conference.


Below is the list of the sessions from CanvasCon London (in no particular order). Click to learn more about the topic and presenters:


  1. Adopting the Guided Learner Journey at Module & Programme Level  
  2. Opening Keynote: Small Change, Big Impact (Jared Stein)
  3. Big Data, Little Data, Cardboard Box: How Canvas Transforms ROI  
  4. Design Thinking & Pedagogic Innovation 
  5. Improving Student Experience by Moving to a More Blended Learning Environment 
  6. Leveraging the Openness of the Platform Through LTI or Customisation 
  7. Using Canvas as a Distance Learning Platform 
  8. Keynote: The Future of Learning 
  9. Apprenticeship Levy: Enabling Meaningful, Contextual, Learner-Centric Experiences 
  10. Innovative Education With Massive Open Online Courses 
  11. Teachers as Learners: “In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” 
  12. The ABC's of Canvas 
  13. Digital Transformation and the Role of Canvas: The Birmingham Story 
  14. Digital Learning: Towards Embedded Pedagogical Implementation in Secondary Schools 
  15. Beyond Canvas Pages: Create Interactive Content That Will Wow Your Students 
  16. From Concept to Canvas: Creating a Career Development Platform That Students Actually Want to Use 
  17. Blended Nano-Courses on Exponential Technologies 
  18. Digital Transformation in UK Higher Education: How a Modern VLE Can Drive Change & How to Maximise It 
  19. Pull Based Learning: How assignments in Canvas can enable Interaction Between Instructor, Students and Content 


Partner Lightning Round Sessions:


Also, for those interested in Bridge, check out the Bridge: Fireside Chat .


If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know!



Canvas Events Team