Get Ready to Binge-Watch InstructureCarn!

Blog Post created by Administrator on Dec 3, 2018

The holidays are just around the corner and what better way to spend the downtime then binge-watching InstructureCon 2018 session recordings! (We doubt there's this level of professional development on Netflix.)


Of course, there are 130+ sessions from which to choose! This makes it a bit challenging to know which video to start. So, we created the following playlist purely based on two metrics: play rate (videos that were clicked and played) and engagement rate (% of the video watched). Based on this analysis, the TOP 20 videos were determined.


TOP 20

  1. New Dashboard View for Students
  2. Sneaky Teaching: Getting Buy-In From Reluctant Canvas Users
  3. Using Canvas Outcomes for Programmatic Accreditation
  4. More Fun Than a Barrel of Monkeys! Peer Review Options in Canvas
  5. Taming the Lion: Innovative Practices for Supporting Canvas at a Large Scale
  6. The Great Tablini and His Magic Data Portal
  7. Flexible Front Ends With a Canvas Back End: A Berklee Online Case Study
  8. Energize Your Class With Student-Centered Course Design
  9. Canvas Carnival Candy for Coders
  10. Design and Deliver Professional Learning that Results in Increased Student Achievement
  11. Canvas Mobile Apps, Not Just for Students Anymore
  12. Design and Technology Considerations for At-Scale Online Degree Programs
  13. An Intro to Analytics 2 for Teachers
  14. Embedding Content in Canvas, or: How I Learned to Stop Being Bland and Make My Content Amazing
  15. ARC DU SOLEIL: A Simpler Way to Engage Students with Video Learning
  16. Bridge and Canvas: Move PL out of the Sideshow and Back to the Main Ring
  17. Two Unique Show Stopping Solutions to Help Preserve Academic Integrity
  18. Integrating G Suite for Education with Instructional Tools
  19. Accelerate Innovation Using Machine Learning on AWS
  20. Managing the Big Show: Lessons Learned Transitioning to Canvas


Click here to see the FULL LIST OF INSTRUCTURECON 2018 VIDEOS.


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Happy viewing.



Biray (and the Events Team)