• Improve Student DocViewer Comment View/Accessibility

    Open for Voting
    274 votes
    Students are limited to a miniature window through which to view what can be some detailed teacher comments on written assignments using the SpeedGrader CrocDoc function. To see comments teachers have written using th...
    Doug Showley
    last modified by Doug Showley
  • Users need to be able to customize notifications at the course level

    Open for Voting
    531 votes
    As a user, I want to be able to keep frequent notifications enabled for courses that have high interaction, that I am more invested in, or I find important.  I want to be able to 'down-tune' or disable notificati...
    Scott Finkeldei
    last modified by Scott Finkeldei
  • A more explanatory text about the start of the late session on the submission page

    Open for Voting
    14 votes
    When the late session starts on the submission page you can see in black characters something like: 'Available Sep 29 at 8am - Oct 15 at 7:59am 16 days' On the left top corner something like 'Due  Monday by ...
    Stefania Axo
    last modified by Stefania Axo
  • Course Archive Process

    Open for Voting
    426 votes
    TL;DR version: We need to have a way to archive courses (in batch and individually), so that its hidden from everything.   Long version: At USU we are about to start our 15th semester on Canvas and our instanc...
    Tyler Clair
    last modified by Tyler Clair
  • Peer Review Rubric Display

    Open for Voting
    40 votes
    I love the peer review feature, however, I wish there was a way to change how the rubric is displayed. When I want my students to do peer reviews of physical projects (posters, etc.) they have to click the "show rubri...
    Amanda Hart
    last modified by Amanda Hart
  • Enhance Grade Post API

    Open for Voting
    37 votes
    Hello Canvas Developers and Product/Feature Managers,   I am submitting an enhancement idea for Post Grades API which was introduced last 2019-07-13 (https://canvas.instructure.com/doc/api/file.changel...
    kit perez
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  • Print annotated comments from Speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    191 votes
    We have heard a few requests from instructors to get an export or printing function built into the Speedgrader that will allow them to print their annotated comments, similar to how track changes can be printed from W...
    Paula Miranda
    last modified by Paula Miranda
  • New Gradebook Total and Assignment Group Color

    Open for Voting
    18 votes
    In the old gradebook, the assignment group and total columns were a different color, making it easier to visually differentiate them from the assignment columns: In the new gradebook, these columns are not differen...
    Monica Swindle
    last modified by Monica Swindle
  • Download Quiz Statistics in Quizzes.next

    Open for Voting
    74 votes
    quizzes.next Currently, there is no way to download or even print the entire Item analysis report from the new quiz feature in Canvas. This is a really useful feature that the original quizzes held. Please add t...
    Jeremy Bryan
    last modified by Jeremy Bryan
  • New Quizzes Analytics

    Open for Voting
    15 votes
    Currently, when looking at analytics in the new quizzes, the program does not allow for data to be filtered by section. It only provides individual student information or by outcome/standard. In K-12 education, teache...
    Karina Raimont
    last modified by Karina Raimont
  • Missing Assignment Report

    Open for Voting
    472 votes
    Teachers would like to print a report listing only Missing Assignments.  This report would be sent to academic support personnel to facilitate assignment completion.  Teachers should be able to print the "Mi...
    Maureen O'Sullivan
    last modified by Maureen O'Sullivan
  • Attach a file to a submission comment through the teacher app

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    The teacher app is such a great resource; I live and breathe by this app when I'm grading. It's definitely helped streamline my grading process. However, I would LOVE the ability to attach a file to a submission comme...
    Jacqualine Chan
    last modified by Jacqualine Chan
  • Attendance: Place for Notes on Late/Absences

    Open for Voting
    33 votes
    An instructor at our college has requested a note field in which he can record the reason for a student's absence, tardiness, or early departure. This field would attach to each attendance record (i.e. date).
    John Alexander
    last modified by John Alexander
  • A global option to enable/disable Missing and Late Status labels in the New Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    192 votes
    I would like to see a more global option to enable/disable the display of MISSING/LATE assignment labels to our students in their Gradebook. While I appreciate the effort to address our initial concerns about this fea...
    Kimberly Smith
    last modified by Kimberly Smith
  • Option for missing assignments to get a zero if using external tool

    Open for Voting
    60 votes
    Request There should be an option to select whether the missing/late policy applies to external tool assignments.   Problem scenario An instructor using the New Gradebook sets the Missing Submission Policy to ...
    R S
    last modified by R S
  • Audit Trail/Grade History for Posting Grades

    Open for Voting
    12 votes
    There are a number of courses in our institution which have 400+ enrolments and in excess of 30 graders-the New Grades area and, in particular Grades Posting Policy does create confusion at times, in terms of who has ...
    Cheryl Connor
    last modified by Cheryl Connor
  • Multiple Due Dates (checkpoints) for Discussions

    Open for Voting
    2134 votes
    With the way that many schools set up forum discussions and require "check-ins" to the forum throughout the week, it would be great if we could include multiple due dates in the discussion activities. For instance, I ...
    Chris White
    last modified by Chris White
  • Add "students can only particpate in the course between these dates" box to the admin settings, more options

    0 votes
    I would like to be able to have the option to lock courses based on start and end dates. Right now, the box has to be manually checked by instructors. We do not use term start and end dates because our courses run eve...
    Susan Watts
    last modified by Susan Watts
  • myHomework

    Open for Voting
    7 votes
    There is an app that many of my students use called "myHomework" that is a school planner with calendar functionality. I already use Canvas so why put all the due dates and assignments into the app as an administrator...
    Nathan Garff
    last modified by Nathan Garff
  • Customizing the Course Navigation Menu

    Open for Voting
    38 votes
    We have been using the "Redirect" app to make our courses as easy to navigate as possible, particularly as we develop an aligned, guaranteed and viable curriculum in our schools.  The challenge with the Redirect ...
    Dennis Purcell
    last modified by Dennis Purcell