• Use Course Dashboard Cards for Catalog Listing Images

    Open for Voting
    30 votes
    When creating a course in the Catalog, you must upload a thumbnail graphic for the listing.  However, the Catalog graphic is a different size than a Canvas Dashboard Card image.  This means I have to create ...
    Kimberly Ellis
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  • Catalog Course Drop Notifications

    Open for Voting
    51 votes
    As a Catalog Admin, it would be beneficial to receive a notification when a student drops a course in Catalog since we have no control over this option.  It would also be beneficial for the Catalog user to receiv...
    Beth Romanski
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  • Catalog: PDF Transcript Headings

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    We specialize in faculty development courses, and we're accredited by the ANCC as a continuing education provider.  Participants are awarded contact hours rather than credits.  I've been told that we ca...
    Stacie Sedlmayer
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  • Stop Catalog URL rewriting to avoid breaking Google Analytics

    Open for Voting
    11 votes
    Currently, Canvas Catalog rewrites search URLs to remove any query extra parameters, including UTM parameters needed for tracking links. As a result, we are unable to determine how our leads are arriving at our site. ...
    Donald Hayward
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  • Enrollment Notification in a Canvas Catalog Course

    Open for Voting
    84 votes
    If you are enrolled in a Catalog course and you remove your enrollment via Canvas that information isn't passed to Catalog and so it will look like you 1) never were enrolled, or 2) look like you're still enrolle...
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  • Course Listings Notification for Canvas Catalog

    Open for Voting
    56 votes
    We would like administrators to be able to be notified when new course listings for Canvas Catalog are created.    To make this happen a notifications tab will be needed in the admin portal and a pop-up mes...
    last modified by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Delete Button for Catalog Header Images

    Open for Voting
    43 votes
    Hi everyone,   We want a way to be able to delete header, logo, and favicon images from Catalog.   Currently, when you upload a header, logo, or favicon image to a Catalog or Subcatalog you cannot delete t...
    last modified by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Add/Edit Email Addresses in Canvas Catalog Analytics

    Open for Voting
    52 votes
    Hi everyone,   It has come to our attention that even though a student has a university user ID they might not have identified a default email address in their Canvas profile. If a student does not have a defaul...
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  • Catalog: Allow edit to "enroll" button

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    In addition to allowing people to register for courses, we are allowing people to buy books through Catalog.  Since someone purchases a book rather than enrolls in a book, we would like the option of editing the ...
    Healthy Workplaces
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  • Copy and Paste Listing Link from Canvas Catalog on Mobile Devices

    Open for Voting
    27 votes
    Hi,   When testing Canvas Catalog listings to determine whether our payment gateway was activated in our beta catalog instance I wanted to test the listing link on my iPhone XR in Google Chrome. I selected ...
    last modified by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Lock Canvas Catalog Certificate of Completions

    Open for Voting
    58 votes
    We were made aware that a student or Catalog administrator has the ability to edit a certificate of completion after downloading the PDF from Canvas Catalog then opening the certificate in Adobe Acrobat. We would like...
    last modified by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Not Accurate Completion on Unofficial Transcript

    Open for Voting
    40 votes
    Hi everyone,   We have a student who has received a completion certificate for completing multiple courses in Canvas Catalog. However, the only way to get the certificate and to have the unofficial transcri...
    last modified by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Certificate of Completion: Lock the PDF

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    The certificate of completion that a student/learner receives through Catalog may constitute an official record. Unfortunately, the PDFs that are generated are editable. I would like the PDF format to be locked for ed...
    Michelle Lamberson
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  • Sort by Visibility in Canvas Catalog Listings

    Open for Voting
    42 votes
    We would like the ability to sort by visibility in Canvas Catalog listings. The purpose of this is to be able to find out which listing is set to which visibility instead of having a mix of the three types of visibili...
    last modified by jsowalsk@umd.edu
  • Where's the Edit Feature in Discussions?

    0 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   I have been a student at Collin for awhile now, and the one feature that I have always used for class discussions was the edit feature. This allowed me th...
    Troy Madison
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