• Ability to Save and Copy from Frequently Used Comments in Speedgrader/DocViewer

    Open for Voting
    1407 votes
    It would be a great timesaver for writing instructors and anyone else making many of the same comments to students on assignments to save and store comments in SpeedGrader/Crocodoc DocViewer as one is able to do ...
    Joshua Herron
    last modified by Joshua Herron
  • Word count for Speedgrader (DocViewer) grading

    Open for Voting
    660 votes
    It would be extremely helpful for student submissions to also include a word count when we are correcting them on Speedgrader through DocViewer. Thank you!   This idea was considered when developing our product...
    Gail Saltveit
    last modified by Gail Saltveit
  • Bulk Download of Annotated DocViewer [Crocodoc] documents by assignment

    Open for Voting
    254 votes
    Instructors can easily bulk-download student submissions, and instructors can individually download the PDF showing the annotations they've made to a student's submission in Crocdoc DocViewer. There is currently no wa...
    Joanna Elliott
    last modified by Joanna Elliott
  • Student Highlight & Annotation Tools for Quizzes

    Open for Voting
    891 votes
    Standardized testing looms large in the minds of all 3-8 grade teachers, in NJ where I work especially,  but also across the country. One of the skills students need to be able to succeed on the PARCC or SBA is t...
    Maria Sommer
    last modified by Maria Sommer
  • Ability to View HEIC files in SpeedGrader Preview

    Open for Voting
    90 votes
    Many of the new iPads and iPhones have HEIC files for their photos.  If a student is required to upload a file to Canvas this file isn't compatible with the speedgrader preview.  In order for a teacher to vi...
    last modified by JOANNA MCKOWN
  • Grade discussion posts and attachments with DocViewer

    Open for Voting
    205 votes
    All discussion posts and attachments (MS Word, PPT, PDF files, etc.) should be displayed in SpeedGrader like an assignment so that teachers can use mark-up tools to add comments to those posts and attachments using Cr...
    Felix De Brito Neto
    last modified by Felix De Brito Neto
  • In SpeedGrader Allow the Use of Annotations for Text Entry Submissions

    Open for Voting
    15 votes
    Expand the capabilities to allow in-line annotations for text entry submissions that are submitted as an assignment submission, to match the same capability as with file uploads.  It would be extremely helpful to...
    Jerry Troupe
    last modified by Jerry Troupe
  • Improve Student DocViewer Comment View/Accessibility

    Open for Voting
    272 votes
    Students are limited to a miniature window through which to view what can be some detailed teacher comments on written assignments using the SpeedGrader CrocDoc function. To see comments teachers have written using th...
    Doug Showley
    last modified by Doug Showley
  • DocViewer should be able to handle large PDFs

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    The DocViewer currently gets hopelessly bogged down by larger PDFs, especially when they contained recognized text. For example, a 150 page 8 1/2 x 11 document scanned at 300 dpi with recognized text takes more than ...
    James Ashby
    last modified by James Ashby
  • Link DocViewer assignment comments to rubric

    Open for Voting
    10 votes
    To help teachers grading papers using the rubric and to help students understand their grade better, we would like it to be possible for assignments comments to be linked to different sections of a rubric. For ...
    Marlies Hiemstra
    last modified by Marlies Hiemstra
  • Allow Instructor Markup via DocViewer Even When Anonymous Peer Reviews Are Enabled

    Open for Voting
    204 votes
    Instructors who select Anonymous Peer Reviews are not shown markup tools in Speedgrader - Doc Viewer.  The tools are disabled/hidden.     Selecting Anonymous Peer Reviews for students to complete as pa...
    Eric Donath
    last modified by Eric Donath
  • Anonymous peer reviews should be able to use markup bar

    Open for Voting
    93 votes
    When students do anonymous peer review, they would be better served to be able to use the mark up tools to leave comments in the page, indicate where wording, errors, etc. need work.  It would make it a much bett...
    last modified by KAREN S BROWNING
  • Toggle Document Preview in Speed Grader

    Open for Voting
    4 votes
    Speed Grader is a great tool for quick grading and feedback. However, sometimes when file types for submission assignments aren't regulated, students could submit big files that make it hard to load speed grader. A si...
    Brian Aguilar
    last modified by Brian Aguilar
  • Scrollable PDF fields in DocViewer

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    When I open an PDF form in the SpeedGrader (DocViewer) I cannot use the scroll bars inside the scrollable fields of the PDF form, thus I cannot see the whole contents of the field directly in the SpeedGrader.  ...
    Petra P.M. Heck
    last modified by Petra P.M. Heck
  • Speedgrader/DocViewer support for Apple Pages, Numbers and Keynote

    Open for Voting
    193 votes
    We would like to propose an enhancement to Speedgrade that allows the tool to display files created in Pages. I am assuming this incompatibility affects Numbers and Keynote.   Speedgrader will allow the file to ...
    Michael Olivo
    last modified by Michael Olivo
  • Docviewer - default palette of icons/ images

    Open for Voting
    139 votes
    My skill with drawing using a mouse in Docviewer  is rather lackluster.  So my thought is a palette of predefined images would be ever so helpful.  A question mark, green check mark, new paragraph, etc....
    last modified by fernerj@erau.edu
  • DocViewer: Persistent tool selection

    18 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   DocViewer Updates: Persistent Tools   Tool secection is granted on a one-time basis. When you select the Free Draw tool and start drawing, the Free ...
    Mark (AD) Herriott
    last modified by Mark (AD) Herriott
  • Ability to download and save all feedback in Speedgrader not just annotated work in DocViewer [Crocodoc]

    Open for Voting
    87 votes
    A number of institutional courses are accredited through external bodies who require samples and evidence of students work that has been marked, displays the grade and feedback.    The current scenario of o...
    last modified by Kate BRIDGEMAN
  • Track changes of exercises

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    When correcting essays and reports from students, we often don't approve them on the first try. The students therefore upload a second version. As instructurs in any decently sized course, we have to correct a lot of ...
    Anders Brakestad
    last modified by Anders Brakestad
  • Default Online Assignment Files to Canvas-Readable Types

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    Don't make faculty type in all the types of assignment files that Canvas can read. Instead -- DEFAULT to types of files that Canvas can read, or at least have a tick box sectdion that allows us to select readable file...
    Kathleen Moore
    last modified by Kathleen Moore