• Student Activity Report: Student Time Log

    Open for Voting
    193 votes
    There are many reasons and uses for a Student Activity Report/Analytics that demonstrates the amount of time a student spent in an activity.  This Time Spent data should be available for both Instructors and Stud...
    Renee Carney
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  • See which students have viewed a particular page or activity and when

    Open for Voting
    385 votes
    I would like to see who has viewed any particular page or activity and when it was viewed.   I can find some of this information by going to every student and looking through their page views, but I want to be a...
    Beth Young
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  • Download analytics from courses

    Open for Voting
    37 votes
    Hi,   Being an important tool for the analysis and prediction of how the development of the course advances and the students, the development of a download link of these data is imminent; in this way it would al...
    Andrea Alfonso Ayala
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  • Have Refunds Appear in Canvas Catalog Analytics

    Open for Voting
    73 votes
    Hi everyone,   We would like the ability to have refunds appear in the Canvas Catalog Analytics tab for the purpose of accurate revenue. What I mean by this is just adding in the negative amounts of transactions...
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  • Statistics of Number of Times Item is Viewed

    Open for Voting
    90 votes
    I wish Canvas would add ability to get statistics on how many times students viewed/downloaded  a particular item in Files or on Pages. It would be useful to instructors to see which items get a lot of use and wh...
    Patricia Smith
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  • Information on File Usage (API)

    Open for Voting
    100 votes
    Summary The File Object currently contains a number of attributes for each file in a Canvas Course such as "display_name", "size" and "content-type". This idea is to add attributes to the file object that indicat...
    Christopher Phillips
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  • Analytics - Include Last Login and Last Participation Date at Top

    Open for Voting
    119 votes
    I'd like to propose an improvement to the Analytics screen for instructors.  Right now, the instructor has to look at the Access Report to see the last time that a student participated, or look carefully at the g...
    Joni Miller
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  • Analytics for iOS Devices

    Open for Voting
    130 votes
    Nearly 4 years ago our district made the switch from Moodle over to Canvas and we've been not only been thrilled with that decision, but we've gotten tremendous buy-in from teachers across our district who are using o...
    Mark Pohlman
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  • Course Analytics - filter out students who have dropped the course

    Open for Voting
    137 votes
    I do not see a way to remove "concluded" students (students who dropped the course after initial enrollment) to be filtered from the display of Course Analytics. This is really distracting when you are trying to figur...
    Karen Schuckman
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  • An outcomes report for entire class not just individual reports

    Open for Voting
    166 votes
    At Skyline College faculty are required to assess outcomes on a regular basis. We do not look at individuals per se, but instead we look at the class as a whole and gather statistics about what percentage is achieving...
    M. Ricardo Flores
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  • Option to view analytics for items in the Commons

    Open for Voting
    292 votes
    It would be helpful if the item owner could view how many times a resources has been imported into a course, how many times a resources has been viewed, etc. The rating is helpful, but more detailed analytics would be...
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  • Filter analytics by time range

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    Analytics currently filter by term. I'd like to see the ability to filter analytics by a given time range as well.  #analytics2new
    Bridget O'Hanlon
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  • Feedback Analytics

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    Feedback analytics for feedback left via SpeedGrader and via Submission Comments needs to be a reported 'thing'. While somewhat available at the student interactions level, a course- or section-wide reporting is not p...
    Mr. Coker
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  • Improved analytics - set User Records to 'inactive', not 'deleted'

    Open for Voting
    56 votes
    TL;DR - I would like to be able to set the status of a Canvas user to a new 'inactive' status (currently only 'active' and 'deleted' are available), without affecting the current status of that user's enrolm...
    Geraint Draheim
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  • Add/Edit Email Addresses in Canvas Catalog Analytics

    Open for Voting
    51 votes
    Hi everyone,   It has come to our attention that even though a student has a university user ID they might not have identified a default email address in their Canvas profile. If a student does not have a defaul...
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  • Observer role - Engagement statistics

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    As an observer, I would want to be able to see engagement and participation statistics for the students I am linked to.    Beyond being able to view grades, an observer would benefit from seeing data relate...
    Tom Parsons
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  • Canvas Data: Include external_tool_id in module_item_dim Table

    Open for Voting
    17 votes
    It'd be great if the module_item_dim table in Canvas Data included a external_tool_id field for module items that link to an external tool. This would really help our institution assess the usage of specific exte...
    James Ashby
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  • course analytics: add log time

    Open for Voting
    19 votes
    When looking at student success (or lack of success), it is great to see participation, but the page views is of dubious value. If a student simply clicks through pages, they get counted the same as someone who actual...
    last modified by INGRID PURRENHAGE
  • Provide student analytics at course level, not just assignment.

    Open for Voting
    23 votes
    It would be good to have analytics for the student at the course-level, not just the assignment.  E.g. Student A is in the 95%ile for the class, Student B is in 25%ile, etc.  Would enable us to see which stu...
    Ruby P Nugent
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  • Track Announcement views

    Open for Voting
    113 votes
    Instructors need to be able to see who has seen what, without going student by student in their slightly buried Access Reports.   While it would also be nice to have a Mark as Read option for students to confirm...
    Kristina Young
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