• Student Activity Report: Student Time Log

    Open for Voting
    209 votes
    There are many reasons and uses for a Student Activity Report/Analytics that demonstrates the amount of time a student spent in an activity.  This Time Spent data should be available for both Instructors and Stud...
    Renee Carney
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  • view access by file or item, not user

    Open for Voting
    283 votes
    I've searched on this topic repeatedly, so if it's been addressed, sorry. I would like to be able to run analytics on a specific file or assignment to see which students have accessed it. I know how to look at each st...
    Andrea McDowell
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  • Rubrics & Canvas Data

    Open for Voting
    12 votes
    This idea pertains to rubrics and Canvas Data. We would like the ability to report on the following using Canvas Data:   Does an assignment have a rubric associated with it? Was the rubric used by the instruct...
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  • Include Canvas Mobile App in Student Access Reports

    Open for Voting
    201 votes
    Apparently, mobile access does not show up on the Individual student access reports at the present time.  A Canvas support agent told me that this was because the mobile app uses access token rather than web sess...
    Kent Ratajeski
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  • Analytics - Include Last Login and Last Participation Date at Top

    Open for Voting
    122 votes
    I'd like to propose an improvement to the Analytics screen for instructors.  Right now, the instructor has to look at the Access Report to see the last time that a student participated, or look carefully at the g...
    Joni Miller
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  • Include the course and section integration_id fields in Canvas Data

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    The course and section integration IDs provide opportunities for institutions to store school-specific identifiers that support integration of Canvas data with data from other applications. That integration is vital f...
    S Brook Moles
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  • Canvas Data: Add Student Quiz Submission Responses (especially essays) from Quizzes.Next to Canvas Data

    Open for Voting
    126 votes
    We are taking a hard look at our new curriculum and trying to ask some questions about how and where to make improvements. As such, we're looking for a lot of information about what questions students are missing acro...
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  • CanvasData add due_at field to submissions

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    The quiz_submission_dim has a due_at field that integrates the override data into the record so we can see how long it took a teacher to grade the submission.   We would love to have that same field on the submi...
    Jonathan Briggs
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  • Analytics for iOS Devices

    Open for Voting
    130 votes
    Nearly 4 years ago our district made the switch from Moodle over to Canvas and we've been not only been thrilled with that decision, but we've gotten tremendous buy-in from teachers across our district who are using o...
    Mark Pohlman
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  • Canvas Data: Attachments table

    2 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   This is a request to extract a new table that defines the list of unique documents for all courses. I am aware this is available in the API, but we prefer...
    Glenn Lopez
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