• adaptive learning - quiz branching

    Open for Voting
    276 votes
    It would be excellent if the quiz tool enabled branching for adaptive learning. If quizzes were embedded into content then potentially students could be directed to a particular piece of content based on their respons...
    Christopher Barrett
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  • Attendance Overhaul

    Open for Voting
    963 votes
    Right now attendance in Canvas isn't that useful/effective. Below are the ways it could be improved: When viewing a specific student's information allow faculty to see a snapshot of the whole semester, including the ...
    Kona Jones
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  • Rubric Export

    Open for Voting
    323 votes
    It would be great if canvas would allow a rubric to be exported to a word doc, csv format or pdf so that rubrics can be used in class instruction or provided to students with assignment description and syllabi. Curren...
    Melanie Francis
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  • Printable / PDF-exportable quizzes

    Open for Voting
    2464 votes
    As an instructor, I want to be able to export a Canvas quiz as a PDF. This would enable me to easily print quizzes for the purpose of accommodation, for allowing a given student to take a quiz outside the timeframe es...
    last modified by seth
  • Group Roster Export

    Open for Voting
    476 votes
    This is an idea to modify group functionality so one can either export student group lists/rosters to a .csv spreadsheet format OR have groups listed in one of the spreadsheet columns when grades are exported (in the ...
    Renee Ford
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  • Exporting quizzes into Word or pdf documents

    Open for Voting
    593 votes
    Some of our departments need to have copies of assessments on file OUTSIDE of Canvas. I believe this request was first raised in early 2015. A Canvas person said the ability was about six months away. It is almost a y...
    Desiree Devereaux-Heis
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  • Submit an assignment on behalf of a student

    Open for Voting
    1035 votes
    As an instructor, I'd like the option to submit assignments on behalf of my students. This feature should enable me to pick a file from my computer and upload it as a submission for a given student. I should then be a...
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  • Rich Content Editor: Needs ability to wrap text around images with border and potential for caption

    Open for Voting
    319 votes
     Although the former part of my idea was raised in 2015 (Rich Content Editor: Add default padding/margin for floated images), the latter was not and the discussion was archived. Therefore, I bring it up again now...
    Glenna Malcolm
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  • Student Highlight & Annotation Tools for Quizzes

    Open for Voting
    907 votes
    Standardized testing looms large in the minds of all 3-8 grade teachers, in NJ where I work especially,  but also across the country. One of the skills students need to be able to succeed on the PARCC or SBA is t...
    Maria Sommer
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  • Improve Anonymous Surveys to Make them fully Anonymous

    Open for Voting
    337 votes
    One of our faculty noticed that surveys in Canvas can't be officially anonymous. Students need to know that their feedback is actually anonymous for surveys to work.  Right now, an anonymous survey can be made an...
    Sharon Oxford
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  • Hiding and Viewing Modules for Individual Sections

    Open for Voting
    331 votes
    Parts of this have been mentioned in previous requests (Modules within Modules and others) and I wonder if this is more to do with the needs of K12 than beyond?   We run a model based on UK curriculum which may ...
    Gideon Williams
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  • Add rich-content editor to Conversations

    Open for Voting
    437 votes
    As a user, I would like to be able to use the rich-content editor to compose messages in the Conversations inbox. This would enable me to create Conversations that are on par, formatting- and content-wise, with Announ...
    last modified by seth
  • E-mail Confirmation Upon Assignment Submission

    Open for Voting
    282 votes
    It would be very useful to have Canvas generate an automated e-mail response when I submit an assignment through the assignment page. This is a feature that my University's legacy system had in place and was very bene...
    Erik Knapp
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  • Log Off all Devices

    Open for Voting
    294 votes
    In Canvas mobile apps the log in token never expires; much like Facebook's mobile app retains a password.   When an institution has their own authentication system, they don't use the internal Canvas authenticati...
    last modified by mzucal@hccfl.edu
  • Anonymous Discussion Forums

    Open for Voting
    667 votes
    Idea: Instructors can create discussions that allow for posts to be made anonymously   Use Cases: As an instructor, I want to create discussions in which participation is anonymous. This would free my students to...
    last modified by scottd@instructure.com
  • Create a single course calendar entry across multiple classes

    Open for Voting
    464 votes
    When you have an event that applies to multiple classes it would be Great to enter the event once and have it post to multiple course calendars. What I would like is a way to enter the same assignment for multiple cla...
    Linda Wagner
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  • Poll option for voting

    Open for Voting
    281 votes
    It would be great to include a polling option within Canvas (in Discussion board, Announcements, on front page, in Collaborations?) somewhere to enable students to vote or choose something (this could be binary - yes/...
    Megan Peercy
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  • Allow folders in Pages

    Open for Voting
    2324 votes
    Greetings all. Conversations in the community unthread after 100 comments, making the conversation difficult to follow, and official comments hard to find. For this reason we're posting our most recent update here: &#...
    Beck Hasti
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  • New Quizzes: Rich Content Editor (RCE) for Matching Question Types

    Open for Voting
    324 votes
    The Rich Content Editor (RCE) is available to use in *most* quiz question types, but not Matching questions. A lot of our instructors would like to use images, or bold/italicize text, or use other options in quiz answ...
  • New Quizzes: Multiple Numerical Blanks

    Open for Voting
    506 votes
    It would be a wonderful addition to allow multiple numerical blank questions.  Essentially take the numerical answer question and cross it with the fill in multiple blanks type of question.  Many instructors...
    last modified by john.williamson@gactc.edu