• New Gradebook: Sort by secondary ID

    Open for Voting
    6 votes
    I am resubmitting this idea because it was archived prematurely in my opinion. Although search by secondary ID has been implemented, sorting serves a different purpose:  Our use case is that lecturers receive pa...
    Barbara Willems
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  • Separate Late policies for individual assignments

    Open for Voting
    126 votes
    in the new gradebook it would be great if there were separate policies for each assignment or even for each assignment group.  We have different policies for our participation than for typical assignments fo...
    Megan Koontz
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  • SIS ID column in Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    258 votes
    At present, the SIS ID is not available via browser view of the Gradebook. It shows up as a column in Excel when instructors export the gradebook, but it would be extremely useful to have access to this information wi...
    Lisa Ward
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  • Automatically Remove Missing Flag Once Grade is Entered

    Open for Voting
    152 votes
    For on paper or no submission assignments, if a grade is flagged as missing, but then later points are added to the gradebook, the missing flag remains.  The instructor then needs to manually remove the miss...
    Barbara Reklis
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  • Allowing Export gradebook by section(s)

    Open for Voting
    310 votes
    Reposting an old request that we made last year. Now that we have fully transitioned to Canvas. It is becoming increasingly clear that this is a feature that is needed in Canvas.   We have some very large classe...
    Hongfu Chen
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  • Hide grade columns for teacher gradebook

    Open for Voting
    393 votes
    As a teacher, I would like to be able to hide gradebook columns in my gradebook after I have completed grading or if the assignment has not yet been assigned.  This would shorten the length of the gradebook that ...
    Chantal O'Brien
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  • Due Date in Gradebook Header

    Open for Voting
    230 votes
    Hi Canvas developers, we are requesting to have the "Due Date" show up in the Gradebook Header.   In making this 3rd label as short as possible, using short numeric format ( Due: 11/09/15 or 11/09/15 ) & the...
    last modified by jjordan@xcp.org
  • Mute by Section

    305 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   @This has been submitted before  Patricia Tentoni Iva Lovell Situation:  Multiple sections of one course with varying due dates each week. If ...
    Shannon Wing Belmont
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  • Make Assignment Category visible in Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    It would be very useful to be able to see the assignment category for each assignment in the gradebook.  Obviously column header area is precious and it would not be good to clutter that - but perhaps something ...
    David Askey
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  • Allow "Missing" label to be enabled/disabled

    Open for Voting
    149 votes
    Currently, the "missing" label that appears throughout Canvas on student assignments, Speedgrader, etc. appears for every student who has a missing assignment regardless of the specific intentions of the teacher or th...
    Paul Dalsky
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  • Make Speedgrader open in a NEW tab in NEW gradebook.

    Open for Voting
    67 votes
    In the "old" gradebook, when you were in there and clicked on a button to open Speedgrader, the Speedgrader would open in a new tab.  This was great to be able to work in Speedgrader and then close that tab, allo...
    Laura Orsetti
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  • Manually graded or "EX" assignments still show as missing

    132 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   When my teachers manually enter a grade into the gradebook, whether a number value or "EX" for excused, it is labeled as missing.  Can we change it s...
    Heather Rozar-Bergmann
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  • No MISSING label for zero-point assignments

    53 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   I like the new assignment labels and am glad to see the information presented prominently to both instructors and students. However, there is a probl...
    Gregory Beyrer
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  • Gradebook: Custom Grade Codes

    Open for Voting
    87 votes
    Please allow teachers to create custom grade codes in the gradebook.  This goes beyond the missing/late/excused flags currently in the new gradebook roll-out.  Teachers would like the ability to create a let...
    Barbara Reklis
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  • Granting Extensions in New Gradebook

    Open for Voting
    0 votes
    I am really enjoying the new enhancements in the updated grade book, including the ability to color code missing, late, and other types of papers.  One of the things faculty commonly do is grant students extensio...
    Margi Clark
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  • Gradebook Export by Grading Period

    5 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas When exporting grades in the new gradebook, the entire course (all grading periods) are exported.  Because of this, the "current grade" and "final grade" co...
    Barbara Reklis
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  • Filter View Reset after unchecked in New Gradebook

    21 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   In the New Gradebook, when you check a filter, it comes up with a drop down of those different filters, which is great.  However, after you are done ...
    last modified by HEATHER PLYBON
  • Missing Label Placed Incorrectly/Submission on paper and online option

    68 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   When the Missing Label was created it caused a lot of issues for me because I was teaching a distance education class and so I had many of my students sub...
    Shantel Spatig
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  • Instructor override of missing submission badge

    39 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas   If a student emails an assignment rather than submitting through the assignment tab in Canvas, the missing submission badge appears. Once the instructor m...
    Jane Annunziata
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  • Deduct X% or X points per day for each day an assignment submission is late

    332 votes
    This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas     Idea will be open for vote May 5th, 2015 - August 5th, 2015  Learn more about voting...   As an instructor, I want to specify that late...
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