• Scheduler - Edit Appointments / Sign ups

    Open for Voting
    213 votes
    Our instructors would like to be able to edit appointments in the scheduler instead of having to delete and recreate them.  If a student has already signed up for an appointment and it has been modified, it shoul...
    Ryan Gladysiewicz
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  • Individual Calendar Notifications - Appointment Group

    Open for Voting
    3 votes
    At my school, we create courses and we have about 3-5 teachers/instructors enrolled in each one of them.    Each teacher, monthly, goes to his calendar and sets some available spots for his 30-minute c...
    Bruno Braga
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  • Scheduler recurring events

    Open for Voting
    269 votes
    I should be able to use the scheduler to set up appointment slots for office hours for one week and then have an option for Canvas to automatically create the same schedule on subsequent weeks.
    Elizabeth Wakeman
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  • Calendar Sign Up Option for Students from Student App

    Open for Voting
    33 votes
    Students use their phones for everything.  One thing I love about Canvas is the student app but they cannot sign up for appointments on the calendar through the app.  Adding this option would make this featu...
    Midge Simmons
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  • Make it clear that Scheduler email notifications are no-reply

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    When users receive email from the Scheduler, it gives no indication that it cannot be replied to, the common convention is to represent the sender as “no-reply” or something similar.  Short ...
    Michael Bacher
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  • Appointment groups: set deadline

    Open for Voting
    8 votes
    We use the Appointment groups to let students register for a specific timeslot to get feedback after the exams.   They need to register before a certain date so the teachers can prepare for the feedback. Unfortu...
    Christophe Breemersch
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  • "Delete Group" appointment needs a confirmation prompt

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    I routinely set up appointment groups, sometimes involving as many as 30 individual appointments.   The other day, I was trying to add a few extra timeslots to an appointment group, and on the way out of editing...
    David Cartledge
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  • Improve Scheduler Group Sign Up Functionality

    Open for Voting
    2 votes
    We recently had a faculty member report that they cannot use the Scheduler Group Sign Up functionality because they are 'section-limited' despite the fact that there is only one section within the course and the facul...
    Tasha Biesinger
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  • Scheduler - Add Required Field Options

    Open for Voting
    21 votes
    Background/Need: Our clinical skills department is using the scheduler to allow students to reserve times to visit the clinic for consultations with faculty and practice various skills. We currently ask that students ...
    Matthew Malone
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  • Do not allow students to sign up in past appointments in  Scheduler.

    58 votes
      This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas            Idea open for vote Wed. July 6, 2016 - Wed. October 5, 2016  Learn more about voting... ...
    Christie Bogle
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