• Grade discussion posts and attachments with DocViewer

    Open for Voting
    218 votes
    All discussion posts and attachments (MS Word, PPT, PDF files, etc.) should be displayed in SpeedGrader like an assignment so that teachers can use mark-up tools to add comments to those posts and attachments using Cr...
    Felix De Brito Neto
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  • Ability to move through all assignments for one student in speedgrader

    Open for Voting
    387 votes
    As I am looking at the speedgrader assignments, one feature that would be great would be that instead of per assignment, moving from student to student, but by student, moving from assignment to assignment. I am proba...
    Susan Winter
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  • Record audio/video in discussion post

    Open for Voting
    64 votes
    As far as I can tell, one can record audio/video in a Discussion on the Student App, but not on the Teacher App. This means a teacher has to leave the Teacher app and enter the Student App to reply with aud...
    Hildi Pardo
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  • Watermark Quiz Content

    Open for Voting
    14 votes
    I suggest that Canvas watermark quiz questions with the Student ID or other identifying information so that if a picture of a quiz question (or screen shot) ends up on a website, discussion board, etc. that incidence ...
    Karey Marshall
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  • Download discussion board posts

    Open for Voting
    518 votes
    We would like to be able to download all of the discussion board posts from our course this semester for faculty analysis. We would also like students to be able to download and/or view all of their posts to review at...
    Julia Volkman
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  • export discussions

    Open for Voting
    245 votes
    Please consider a feature that will allow students to export discussions and related threads. This can be a helpful resource at the end of the course. Professors will want the ability to release discussions for export...
    Cynthia Kerns
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  • Anonymous Discussion Forums

    Open for Voting
    794 votes
    Idea: Instructors can create discussions that allow for posts to be made anonymously   Use Cases: As an instructor, I want to create discussions in which participation is anonymous. This would free my students to...
    last modified by scottd@instructure.com
  • Ability to share a rubric to the Commons

    Open for Voting
    327 votes
    As a Canvas Admin I can add a rubric to the Outcomes area which allows faculty to click "Find a Rubric" when adding a rubric to either an assignment or to a discussion.  Would it be possible to share a rubric cre...
    last modified by communityteam
  • @ mentions in Discussion forums

    Open for Voting
    440 votes
        You have a class of 30 and there are three Tom's, how can we differentiate who we are talking to?
    Shaun Holland
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  • Ability to Set Default Due Time at Course Level

    Open for Voting
    320 votes
    Here is a suggestion from a teacher:   Provide a way to set a default time for assignments to be due for a specific class.
    Mary Ann Apple
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  • Automatic Grading

    Open for Voting
    14 votes
    As an instructor, I have students post discussion questions and responses each week. If they posted something, they get the points. However, there is no way to automatically grade these-- I have to manually grade each...
    Paulina Flasch
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  • Special language character panel/chart integration for Rich Content Editor

    Open for Voting
    414 votes
    Faculty at our institution would like the integration of a special language character panel or chart into the Rich Content Editor. They feel it would be easier for students than the current methods of typing or copy/p...
    CDL Taylor P
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  • Add Multiple Rubrics to One Assignment

    Open for Voting
    405 votes
    At our college, faculty would like the ability to attach more than one rubric to an assignment. This is especially the case when importing account level outcomes / rubrics. Originally posted by Tony Anderson on the o...
    last modified by anthonem@seattleu.edu
  • Canvas Studio for Discussions in SpeedGrader

    Open for Voting
    5 votes
    It would be ideal if students' timeline comments on other students' Canvas Studio videos appear in SpeedGrader per student as I'm evaluating each student's post and replies. This would greatly help me to award credit ...
    Susie Boles
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  • Grading Discussion in the Discussion Stream

    Open for Voting
    249 votes
    I often use the Discussion feature as a Do Now activity for students in my classes. I try and reward students with points for participating in the discussions daily. Sometime going through the Speedgrader to grade the...
    Lauren Brown
    last modified by Lauren Brown
  • Show Discussion Board Rubrics on the App

    Open for Voting
    1 vote
    Currently, in the app, students are not able to see rubrics that have been attached to discussion boards unless they go through Grades > Submission & Rubric. This is not intuitive. A student would not thin...
    Cody Denton
    last modified by Cody Denton
  • Allow Discussions to be synchronous with "pushed" posts

    Open for Voting
    10 votes
    Canvas discussions don't allow real-time interaction, as many online tools do.  The only way to see new posts is to refresh your browser or navigate out and back to the page.  It would be great if Canvas dis...
    Marshall Abrams
    last modified by Marshall Abrams
  • Multiple Due Dates (checkpoints) for Discussions

    Open for Voting
    2361 votes
    With the way that many schools set up forum discussions and require "check-ins" to the forum throughout the week, it would be great if we could include multiple due dates in the discussion activities. For instance, I ...
    Chris White
    last modified by Chris White
  • Group Deletion/Recovery Request

    Open for Voting
    28 votes
    Recently, we had an issue where an instructor deleted a group set that contained graded discussions. We discovered that the “undelete” feature did not restore any deleted group sets or discussions. In work...
    Matthew Penner
    last modified by Matthew Penner
  • Allow instructor to block/moderate student from discussion board

    Open for Voting
    349 votes
    I have an instructor who says a student is repeatedly posting inappropriate content in a Discussion Board, even after the instructor has given guidance as to appropriate posting.  Currently, the only way to contr...
    JoLaine Jones-Pokorney
    last modified by JoLaine Jones-Pokorney