BoG 6/24/15: Conferences, Conferences, Conferences

Blog Post created by on Jun 24, 2015

Sorry about the lack of post last week. InstructureCon 2015 was in full swing and I was too busy blogging over here.

Let's get back to the things that matter: the awesomeness of community groups!


InstCon Was InstSuccess!

Although InstructureCon 2015 doesn't technically fall into 'group' news, the event certainly played a role in increasing memberships across all groups. Over the past week, we had over 250 people join groups, 50% of whom were joining their FIRST group in the community! W00t-W00t!


Also, conversations that began at the conference are extending into the various groups. Ryan Seilhamer added a discussion post in the Canvas Mobile Users Group  summarizing the mobile updates he received last week during his talks with the mobile team. Over in the Canvas Developers group, Adam Williams is already planning a podcast to highlight some conference experiences. And if you do a community search for the term 'unconference' you'll find all sorts of conversations about the unofficial creative meetup that took place during last week's conference.


SoCal CanvasCon

In other conference related news: in the The specified item was not found. area Chris Long posted information about SoCal CanvasCon (which is coming up this August). It's just another reminder that you don't have to come to an official user conference to learn cool things about Canvas. Regional and local conferences (and unconferences) are happening around us. Find one near you. Or create one! Seriously!


Conferences as Professional Development

Attend a conference. Get your dose of PD. But what other ways can you encourage professional or faculty development (or training) on your campus if there isn't a conference available nearby? Keroleen poses this question in the Higher Education group "Ideas for Faculty Development ? ie Canvas 2.0?". Be sure to chime in if you have any suggestions!


That's all for this week.

Next week, more goodness.