BoG 10/5/2015: Community of Learners

Blog Post created by on Oct 5, 2015

Hope everyone is ready for another productive week. We enjoy seeing ways that Canvas users are leveraging community groups to learn more about Canvas. Here are some highlights related to the things people want to learn more about:


Developer Key or Data Access Token

Simple question? Or complex answer? John Lowe asks in the Canvas Admins group: "How does a developer key differ from a data access token for accessing the API?" The best part of the Canvas Community groups is the wealth of knowledge shared among the collective users. No question is too basic or advanced. Every question is met with intrigue and addressed by a fellow Canvas user. Do you have an answer for John?


Grading in Large Online Classes

Carrie Saarinen sparks interesting thought in a new discussion in the Instructional Designers group: Grading in Large Online Classes. What are the challenges when it comes to grading classes with large enrollments. What functions of Canvas work best in these scenarios? Participate in this dialog and see if these tips also translate in traditional classroom and/or other online courses with smaller enrollment.


Online Readiness Courses

A new discussion thread popped up last week in the Canvas User Engagement course by The specified item was not found.: Has your institution created a no-cost/no-credit course to assist students who might be ill-prepared technologically for the online experience? This is a fascinating question and one that has already sparked some conversation. How are you setting up your students for success in an online Canvas course? Post your feedback!


Those were some highlights in the world of groups.


Tune in next week for some exciting news...