BoG 10/19/2015: Leveling Up Group Engagement

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Groups are highly collaborative and interactive places. They are places for people to network and bond over shared ideas and stories. In an effort to foster this engagement, we're creating some fun activities that make group participation even more exciting!


Monthly Blogging Challenges


PaperPumpkin.pngWe have created monthly blogging challenges to prompt member stories and inspiration. During the month of October, anyone who writes a blog in either the Canvas for Professional Development, K-12 or Higher Education groups will receive a 'paper pumpkin' badge which can be featured on your profile. This month's topic is to write about a Canvas feature that helped in the transition of a paper-based assignment or activity to a paperless or enhanced activity in Canvas. Share your tips, tricks, trials and tribulations. Please remember to tag your post paperpumpkin


Resource Documents


Dissertation.pngWe are seeing more group members share tips, tricks, hacks, how-to's and alternative solutions that enhances the way Canvas can be leveraged. Create resource documents in any Canvas Community group and share your wisdom. Community Team will award this badge to select documents that show long-term value or effective just-in-time solutions.


For your reference you may want to learn more about the difference between a blog and a resource document.






Additional Resources


We've recently released a series of Community-related overview videos to help newbies in the community get better acclimated to the Canvas Community. However, If you want to learn more about groups, specifically, check out Canvas Community: Join Groups.


That's all for now, stay connected with each other and always help each other out!





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