BoG 11/3/2015: From Data to Engagement

Blog Post created by on Nov 3, 2015

If you know what your faculty are doing, not doing or want to be doing in Canvas, then you can better tailor your faculty training programs and engagement strategies. Here are a few recent conversations in groups that are seeking for answers on engagement.


Are Faculty Using Canvas?

Michael Scalero initially asked the following question: Faculty Using Canvas Actively vs Not? in the Q & A area (but the question was quickly shared across various groups). He is seeking ways to pull reports and data to help shed some light on his question. Help him make progress -- not just in ways that he can collect the data -- but how he can interpret and apply the data. And, perhaps go a step further by sharing your solutions on how to increase faculty use of Canvas across campus. Continue these conversations in Canvas User Engagement, Data and Analytics and Canvas Admins.


Canvas Use Proficiency Scale

Speaking of using Canvas... Jason Beyer's document: Canvas Use Proficiency Scale is a perfect example on how Canvas community members can edit a document and build on an existing resource. This document is intended to help support teachers in their 'adoption and use' of Canvas and meant to be used as an observational support tool. Please help improve this document so it becomes a resource that Canvas User Engagement group can be proud to share.


Use it or lose it

We all want Canvas to do what we want it to do, right? Otherwise, we'll either find a work-around or discover another tool that better integrates with Canvas in order to achieve our outcomes. Helen Macfarlane asks the Canvas Medical Schools group a specific use-case question related to Grades in Canvas. Their school has a different grade distribution than most schools, And she's hoping to find answers to help her structure her grading scheme to meet her needs. Any tips?


Speaking of increasing Canvas use and faculty engagement on your campus, there's a great CanvasLIVE session coming up this week called Driving Adoption and Product Engagement with Mindy Hintze (one of the members of the Engagement Team). Definitely something you won't want to miss!


Have an engaging week, everyone!