BoG 12/21/2015: Gamification, Extra Credit, Competitions

Blog Post created by Administrator on Dec 22, 2015

As the year slowly approaches to a close, check out some of the most interesting resources being shared in groups.


Ideas around Gaming

In the Gamification group, Janell Amely is looking for more Ideas on how to bend Canvas into Gamification uses. But in posting her thoughts, she actually shares a ton of awesome resources around the gamification of Canvas courses. Feel free to add to the discussion and include additional links to resources.


Bonus Points for Extra Credit

Another thorough and brilliant post by Stefanie Sanders in the Higher Education group regarding Extra credit using weighted assignment groups. Documents like these help course designers and teachers apply a feature in Canvas (i.e. weighted assignment groups) in a non-traditional, yet practical way (like, extra credit). It's super in-depth. If you don't already leverage weighted assignments for extra credit, you may want to experiment with this after reading her insights.


K12 Gets Competitive

Over in the K-12 group, Frederick Esslingen asks the question in the poll How often does your school host any competitions? If you're in K12, please offer Josh some feedback with your votes or comments. And Josh, please share some of the reasons behind asking this question and how it relates to Canvas use so the community can help offer more resources and insights.


Enjoy the holiday season! Stay warm or cool (depending on where in the world you are residing at the time of this reading.)