Bog 12/28/2015: End of Year Fun Stats

Blog Post created by on Dec 28, 2015

The last BoG post of 2015 warrants a look back at some of the awesomeness that came out of community groups.


33 community groups

When the community launched last April, we started out with 7 groups. Now we have 34 community groups, which are visible to everyone. These groups are 'members-only' or 'open', meaning that you don't have to be logged into the community (or a member of the group) to view group content. Canvas users around the world can benefit from the discussions and resources posted in these community groups.


4 new groups created based on community interest

We enabled a group creation process over the summer to allow community members to suggest groups they wanted to see in the community. We opened them up for vote and comment, then created groups based on active interest (and avoid stale, ghost-town groups). Of the 24 groups suggested, 4 have been created based on community interest. We've also started segmenting groups based on niche topics that have come out of bigger groups... for example, 1:1 Initiatives branched out of the Canvas Mobile Users Group.


8 Focus Groups created to help product teams

Our product teams have also been involved this year in directly engaging members in their respective focus groups, which are groups dedicated to gather additional information related to (a series of) The specified item was not found..


Instructional Designers has the highest group membership

The Instructional Designers group is the most popular group in the community, with 1080 members and 1145 followers. Over the past year, many of the content created has been shared out to other groups, downloaded and emailed to various users. We've had requests to break this group into further 'sub-groups' based on related topics, but are currently exploring ways to do this most effectively.


Turn-it-in was the most followed topic in a group blog

Every group has its own blog. And any member of a group can write a post on the group blog. We've had over 170 different blog posts written across all groups, with Dallas E Hulsey's post Canvas and Turnitin being the most popular (9933 views; 231 comments) topic to date. Also, our Community group blogging challenges have also inspired some of the most creative and insightful stories from our Canvas users, as well. (Be on the look out for new challenges in 2016).


8 Dissertation Badges were awarded

The Dissertaion badge is awarded to any member who creates a document in a group that includes tips, tricks, hacks, how-to's or alternative solutions that enhances the way Canvas can be leveraged. Congrats to the following authors whose documents have been recognized:


Funniest Status Updates came from I Heart Pandas

If you've ever visited I Heart Pandas group, you'll see some insanely funny gifs and videos, jokes and comments! Click to check out some of the more recent (holiday) status updates!


What to expect in 2016?

We will continue to add groups and moderate current groups in order to create better networking and collaboration opportunities. We'll likely re-design and re-configure groups, as we continue to learn the needs and behaviors of the members of each group. Next year we'll also be rewarding members for suggesting groups and participating in them, as well as, training those who are interested in taking a leading role in moderating (administrating) groups. Let the Community Team know if you'd like to be more active in facilitating a group!


Have a great remainder of the week. We'll see you next year!