BoG 1/4/2016: Permissions, Photo Galleries, and Google Classroom

Blog Post created by on Jan 5, 2016

I hope everyone enjoyed some downtime away from the Canvas Community... and extra time in a face-to-face community (preferably non-work-related... hee hee ) Although it's been rather quiet here across most community groups, the new year has surfaced another set of intriguing questions from active members. We hope the break has provided enough time to offer a refreshing perspective to your fellow Canvas colleagues.


Permission to be more granular, please?

Questions about creating more granular or course-specific roles are not new. Every school or institution has a slightly varied way in customizing their course-level (and/or account-level roles) to meet the needs of their faculty and staff. In the Canvas Admins group, Glen Parker and Jennifer Kolodner ask different questions about course-level roles, "Course Role Permission to create Announcements?" and "How can I create a permission for someone who can view assignments/quizzes but not grade rubrics?", respectively. If you're an admin whose mastered the art of creating custom course-level permissions, we'd love to see you chime in with some suggestions.


Are there ways to Design Canvas Photo Galleries?

In the Instructional Designers group, Klues Nicole asks about ways to create Thumbnail Photo Gallery in a Canvas course (page). Janetta Garton suggests Cincopa as a 3rd-party alternative. But does anyone else out there have other suggestions? This could be a great resource thread for those who leverage a lot photos (or want to feature a lot of images) in your courses.


Tell me more about Google Classroom Integration.

The topic of a Google Classroom integration comes up again! We first saw overwhelming support for it here: Google Classroom Integration (a feature request that is currently under the "Gathering Information" stage). But Myra Deister asks about it again in the K-12 group Integrating Google Classroom assignments into Canvas. Chris Long (who originally posted the above idea) and also the group facilitator for the K12 group also posted some good resources in the comments. Check it out!


As more community members check back into the Canvas Community and catch up within the latest posts within their respective groups, be sure to add 'Follow the BoG Blog' on your list of to-do's so you don't miss some of the highlights across all group activity!


Happy New Year, everyone!