BoG 1/25/2016: Open and Collaborative

Blog Post created by Administrator on Jan 25, 2016

Community is a place for openness and collaboration. So, it shouldn't be surprising when you see these themes come up in various discussions, ideas and groups, as well!


Joint Curriculum Development

We've all done it at some point in our professional roles: develop a curriculum or participate in it's design. Well, John Wallace asks the question "Can a learning management system be used as a collaborative tool?" He posts the start of an interesting discussion in the K-12 group: Collaborative Curriculum Development. Check out the link to a public Canvas course and provide your feedback on the process.


Mobile Idea Discussions

Canvas Mobile Users Group Group Leader Ryan Seilhamer is encouraging a collaborative approach to pitching and developing mobile ideas for Canvas. If you do a search for 'mobile' in the The specified item was not found. area you will notice that a lot of mobile ideas get lost or are not thoroughly flushed out (and as a result, get archived). But what if these ideas were discussed in the mobile user group, fleshed out and then submitted with greater clarity to the community at large? So, he's designed a process in the group to start 'mobile idea discussions' in hopes to generate deeper conversations that bring greater insight into a feature request for mobile (and ultimately, greater support for an idea). New CMUG Section: Submit a Mobile Idea What a great idea!


New Group: Open Ed

We couldn't wait to tell you! There is a new group in the community called Open Education. This is a group for those interested to learn and discuss topics related to open education (from resources to tools). This group will be facilitated by Katie Bradford, who has plans to bring greater attention to open ed topics and initiatives into our community. Definitely a group worth joining this year!


Enjoy the last week of January!