BoG 2/22/2016: Embedding pdfs and webpages, plus Accessing Access Reports

Blog Post created by on Feb 22, 2016

Some great DISSERTATION-badge-worthy content have surfaced in Higher Education group, again! Here are the highlights.


Incredible, Embeddable... (Canvas) Egg?

Wow, Joshua Emmitt has shared a detailed step-by-step process for embedding things in Canvas! Check out his  documents Embedding a webpage in an assignment (iframes) and Embedding a pdf in the rich content editor. His profile skillsets include "problem-solving" and "making things look cool" -- which he clearly does with these documents. Back in October he shared Creating a "button" oriented syllabus page. Bookmark all of these resources for reference. Or, better yet, follow Joshua Emmitt to be notified of any future awesome-ness he shares!


Student Access Reports in Canvas

James Jones is at it again. Publishing extensively detailed, intricate documentation for commonly-requested information in Canvas. If you haven't read his latest resource document Obtaining and using Access Report data for an entire course, you should. Although this data already exists in Canvas interface, "you have to click on each student's name from the People page to get it," writes Jones. We already know that teachers are wanting more detailed analytics about their students and his solutions can help you achieve that.


More Dissertations, err, Solutions

Both gentlemen earn a DISSERTATION badge (a whopping 200 points a piece) for authoring these documents! Whether you care about leveling-up in your community status or not, if you have tips and workaround solutions to help Canvas users be more effective at leveraging Canvas, we want to hear about it! Learn more about authoring a document in Community Groups.


Content like this not only can be regularly updated (becuase it includes versioning), but since they are hosted within a group, all members of the group can edit and continue to UPDATE these resources, as well! How cool is that??!