BoG 3/08/2016: Three Blog Posts and a Doc You'll Want to Read

Blog Post created by on Mar 8, 2016

It is beyond-quantifiable the depth of our Canvas Community knowledge base goes. Not only are members sharing incredible solutions and ideas, but they are opening up about their journeys with Canvas, as well!


Gamification Week Begins

If you're into gamifying your Canvas course or gamification in learning and you're NOT already in the Gamification group, you're missing out! Janell Amely, student wizard, is killin' it! She's resourceful, creative, and is sharing her journey in the world of gamification in Canvas with everyone! It's awesome. This week marks the beginning of her Gamification Week 1 - 2016 . Be sure to follow Janell, the blog or the group for updates on her latest discoveries and observations!


Your Teaching Background Doesn't Matter

Another awesome insight by Joshua Emmitt in the Higher Education group. He shares his story about going from being an archeologist to training others in using Canvas. In this blog post What is your teaching background? he stresses that your background doesn't matter when it comes to training others in Canvas, as long as you are willing to learn and continue to build your skill sets. Share your story. How did you end up teaching Canvas to others?


More Drive for Google Drive

The power of embedding things can certainly go a long way to changing the way you use Canvas. Check out this neat trick that Jacob Standish shares in the Instructional Designers group blog post: Embed a Google Drive Folder . He found a creative way to offer some options to his district whose users are heavily invested Google Drive. Such an awesome tip!


But wait, there's more!


New UI + CSS

Here's some coding love for those users exploring and playing with the CSS in the New UI. Canvas Admin shared one of his most important CSS tweaks related to the new UI in this latest document: Some CSS related to the New UI. It's becoming like a fun version of GitHub up in here! W00t-W00t!


Keep expanding your knowledge-base!