BoG 3/21/2016: Groups That Have Been Re-Ignited, Re-Purposed and Requested

Blog Post created by on Mar 21, 2016

I love how our community groups continue to change and evolve! And these three groups are no exception:


More Accessibility

Last October, Jacob Bates posted a suggestion for a UDOIT group, which garnered over 40 votes and lots of comments in support. Because there already was an existing group for Accessibility, we thought it would be best to highlight UDOIT in the group more prominently (rather than having a separate group which might have been duplicative in some regards). That said, we hope this addition will re-ignite more conversations around accessibility and draw new membership to the group. We're excited to follow the conversations on this topic a bit more exclusively!


Formerly Known as LMS Migration

Let's face it, SIS and LTIs are both big topics in the community. Conversations exist across the board, from Canvas Admins group to Canvas Developers. (Let's not forget the Grade Pass Back [ARCHIVE] group for updates specific to Skyward or PowerSchool.) So, where do (or should) discussions or questions about SIS and LTIs go?! Technically, there is no right/wrong answer to this question because the community is globally searchable and shareable across groups (oh, check out Customize Your Community for search tips). But we've repurposed the group formerly known as "LMS Migration" to LMS Migration Strategies to broaden the scope of the group to include those group requests for SIS Group (migrations stuff) and LTI groups (integrations stuff).


Florida's Request for Florida Group

Currently, we are reviewing the value of having regional-based or state-based groups in the community. Why? Because most of these groups (i.e. Mid-Atlantic, Texas Users Group, Midwest, etc.) have had minimal (if any) activity over the past 6 months. sadpanda So when Shelly Schmucker suggested a group for Florida Colleges and Universities last November, we had our reservations. However, it quickly generated a lot of buzz... lots of votes, comments and enthusiasm from various members of the community. So, we decided to launch it as a 'private' group Florida Schools, Colleges, and Universities. Unlike other community groups, private groups are searchable, but the content within it will not be visible unless you are a member of the group.


But votes and comments weren't the only variables that had us sold. Joni Miller and Susan Hicks (UCF-CDL) volunteered to be Group Leaders. The two will manage the group and work to further engagement by welcoming new members, posting content regularly, and moderating (adding to) discussions in the group. And, as we all know, a group with dedicated leadership can make all the difference in the world... or, in this case, in Florida!


Have a wonderful week, everyone!