BoG 3/29/2016: It's All Fun and Games Until...

Blog Post created by on Mar 29, 2016

... students don't get the grade they want, right? Speaking of grading and games, what a great segue to feature recent discussions from the Gamification group this week. Group members seem to having waaay too much fun over there. Here's your chance to get it on the action.


Volunteers Needed to Test Out Experience Points

Janell Amely is developing a module to test out the use of 'experience points' in Canvas. She needs a few volunteers to help test out the functionality and provide feedback on her design. Click to read her prompts for more information.


Scheming with Grading Schemes

Need a chuckle or want to play a joke on your students? Check out David Lyons post on how to Grade with Emoji . It's both brilliant and bold... but all in good fun! If you deploy it, you'll have to share back your students' reactions!


Passing with Points

Emily Springfield asks the question: How Do I set up "5000 points to pass" in my course? She's leveraging (lots of ) points to create a pass/fail-only course. And if you've thought about doing something similar, you'll want to read Kona Jones awesome work-around solution to creating a pass/fail course with points.


Remember to put some play in your day!