BoG 4/4/2016: Google Mania!

Blog Post created by Administrator on Apr 4, 2016

Okay, okay... we get it, Google has a lot of cool stuff. And if you integrate some of it with Canvas, more greatness happens. It's not the first time we've seen topics come up around Google in community groups (and it probably won't be the last, either).


Google + Jeremy Perkins = Awesome Canvas Enhancements

Jeremy Perkins knocked it out of the park these past few weeks with his series of Google documents in the Instructional Designers group. He's created over 7 useful resources documents and blog posts, covering everything from Google documents and slides to Google Drive and drawings. And look for more in the weeks ahead. Be sure to follow him and/or this Google doc to be notified of his latest updates.


Google + Chris Long = Awesome Canvas Grading

Chris Long is another great resource for all-things-Google-and-Canvas, as well. If you haven't read his latest blog post about A Better Way to Submit Google Drive Docs & SpeedGrade Them, you should. His fantastic work-around will make you (and your students) much more efficient when it comes to submitting assignments from the g-drive.


Google + Analytics = Awesome Data

Dan Burgess started the discussion Google Analytics for Course Activity and FERPA a while ago (Oct. 2015) in the Canvas Admins group and it's still getting a lot of traction - lots of views and shares. Of course, several folks from the community who are very familiar with data and/or Google-side of things continue to chime in with great feedback. Here's another great discussion that follows the original thread - How to add Google Analytics to a Canvas Page.


Happy Googling, folks!