BoG 4/19/2016: Congrats to Open Education Bloggers

Blog Post created by Administrator on Apr 19, 2016

Special edition of the BoG this week. Congrats to everyone who participated in our "open education" blog challenge in the Open Education group. Below is the list of our winners!



First 5 Members to Post Their Stories

You can tell these folks are quick to respond, active in the community and ready to jump on any opportunity to share their experiences and passion for open education! They each received $15!


Top 4 Most-Liked and/or Commented Posts

Part of the philosophy in open is the ability to search and share. The more we promote its advantages and share our insights, the more visibility it will have within this and other communities! They each received $25!


Most Creative, insightful

Our open education group leader read through every submission and found it hard to narrow down the winner to just one. "I picked it not only because her response was thoughtful and detailed, but it showed empathy for both students and teachers and how they can tangibly benefit from open resources," said Katie Bradford, Senior Manager, Partners and Programs at Instructure. "Her post also showed a breadth and depth of experience in the open education space and a passion for the subject." The winner received $75!!!


Everyone who posted also received 25 points and the cool "Unlock OpenEd" digital badge!


Take a moment this week and read some of these posts! In fact, one thing you can do is go to each of these authors' profiles and endorse their skills (for even more extra points) for their contributions to 'open education' or 'open education resources'.


Keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities and contests ahead!