BoG 4/25/2016: Design on a Dime

Blog Post created by Administrator on Apr 25, 2016

If you're any bit of an HGTV fan, then you've probably heard of Design on a Dime, the show that takes creative, accessible and affordable design to the next level. Of course, the show is referencing brick and mortar spaces. But there's no reason we can't apply the same principles to Canvas spaces. Right?!


Creative Designs

Since the launch of KennethWare 2.0, the software has encouraged a lot of efficiency and creativity in Canvas course designs. Kennethware 2.0 provides a set of design tools for Canvas to help in the efficient building of module structures of a course, including quizzes, discussions, assignments, syllabus, themes, and template pages. Check out this post by Jason Diehl on What do I need to do to setup KennethWare 2.0 for my Canvas instance? to learn more. And if you're planning on enabling the new UI soon, you may want to read this discussion, as well: KennethWare Templates in New UI . Of course, you can always contact Kenneth Larsen directly with any questions.


Accessible Designs

As we know, it's always important that we design for all learners. And one of the first places students go to is the home page (at least we hope, right?). Stefanie Sanders' blog post Creating an inviting course home page continues to generate a lot of discussion around this topic. Over the past year, it has accrued over 155 comments chalk full of gems, html snippets, screenshots and references to 3rd party resources, as well as, feedback around accessibility. (Of course, you can always head over to the Accessibility group for deeper conversations.) Also, check out Susan Nugent's Rich Content Editor HTML Cheatsheet to ensure you create variety of accessible course pages (not just the home page) using Canvas' built-in styles.


Affordable Designs

Oooh, this is a freebie resources you won't want to miss! Check out the blog post H5P - Free Interactive Content Creation with HTML5 by Gideon Williams posted in K-12 group. Williams explores different interactive designs and shares his experiences along-the-way. Check out his Family Guy quiz! If you're experimenting with any of these tools (or have others worth sharing), please share your feedback on his blog thread!


It's the last week of April! Hope it's a productive one!