BoG 5/2/2016: Year-End Workflows

Blog Post created by Administrator on May 2, 2016

As most of you begin to close out your school year and semesters, let's re-visit discussions that may help address the concerns that typically come up when concluding your courses.


What to archive or not to archive?


That is the question. Outside the functionality 'archiving' course content via Canvas export tool, there are various year-end practices worth considering, depending on the design of your classes. For instance, do you want to export just content? Or, content and student activity? Just data? Or, everything? A few weeks ago, Joe Allen posted the question Has anyone archived Canvas after a school year? in the K-12 group. The discussion generated thoughtful insights by Chris Long. But there must be other considerations and ideas out there, right?! Help Joe out and post your feedback! And maybe even start a discussion thread on this topic, yourself!


Prepping for Next Year


It's not uncommon to want to save the work from one course in hopes to leverage it again in a future year or section. Canvas Commons and course copying tools are certainly helpful in building a repository and/or recycling content.  Denise Dejonghe asked about Best methods for copying course content?, specifically when it came to copying assignments containing rubrics. The specified item was not found. also wanted a bit more clarity around this topic, as well: The specified item was not found.  Questions about content recycling have also surfaced in Q & A area of the community: Recycling Announcements by Peter Facciola and quiz / recycling from one section to another  by Robert Biggert. Both worth a revisit if these are concerns you're coming across, as well. And Canvas Admins might get a lot of questions this time of year related to Grading Periods - Year 2 - What happens? (posted by Joe Allen, who apparently is thinking ahead - Nice!)


Spring Cleaning Blogging Challenge


Archiving for reference and planning ahead for efficiency are two different ends of the school year spectrum. But both processes are incredibly important. As Mary Russell Sanders prompts in her discussion How do you get courses ready for Year 2? To help encourage our Canvas users to provide more feedback about these workflows, a new challenge has launched in Canvas User Engagement group. Click here to learn more! Even if you don't participate in the challenge, it might be worth following the hashtag spring cleaning to read these shared practices.


Have a happy week!