BoG 5/10/2016: Disable, Undo, and Remove it!

Blog Post created by Administrator on May 10, 2016

Every once in a while there will be a need to disable, undo, or remove something in Canvas. But it's not whether or not these modification are possible. Rather, it's more fascinating to learn of the reasons for the changes and the possible solutions that arise from the resulting community feedback.


Disable or Enable?


Sometimes it's not about removing a feature or hiding it. Sometimes a feature is awesome, but we simply want to have a bit more granularity over its functionality. Right? Ada Chung asks about Disabling Feature Options Tab in the Canvas Admins group. Joshua Swink wondered if we can/should disable test instance reset. Do you have any features you would like to disable or enable at the course or account level?


Undo or Redo?


We all make mistakes in Canvas (unintentionally, of course) and need to undo it. Here are some of the recent 'oopsies' posted in the Q & A space. Share your feedback or read the solutions presented:


Remove It!


It's not uncommon for Canvas Admins to request to hide or remove some portion of the Canvas UI -- a button, text, etc. Most of the time these requests can be done by modifying the CSS or JS. Recently in the Canvas Admins group, Shane O'Hara asked about A way to remove "View Privacy Policy" link from self-enrollment option? Over in the Canvas Developers group, Josh Shepard wanted to know how to Remove forgot password option from the login page of the new UI. But it's not just admins, check out instructional designer Zachary Lonsinger's question: Remove Imported Outcomes in a Canvas Course.


Stay productive!