BoG 05/18/2016: Pack It Up, Pack It In, Let Me Begin

Blog Post created by Administrator on May 18, 2016

A few weeks ago I blogged about Year-End Workflows, which highlighted discussions around archiving, next-year prep and 'spring cleaning'. I think this continues to be a timely topic as schools, admins and teachers continue to wrap up their school years and evaluate processes in an effort to improve efficiency in the years ahead.


Pack It Up!


End of the year is more than just archiving content and closing-out your courses. Customer Success Managers Ericka Aguilar and Hailee Anderson share effective K12-centric tips in their webinar K12 Study Hall: Packing up your classroom. They discuss everything from setting terms and course conclude dates to content saving tips and summer sandboxes. If you're a K12 admin or instructor, this is a definite must-see video.


Pack It In!


The year end often brings more clarity, especially schools who are new to Canvas. Whether you should've changed user permissions settings or designed courses with modules instead of assignment groups (or vice versa), there's always room for reflection and improvement for subsequent years. For instance, Kevin Yaiko, the Canvas Admin for the International Christian School of Budapest, wants to get better at delivering and designing School Communication practices. After their first year using Canvas, "One of the big areas of self-identified needed improvement is school communication at all levels," states Yaiko. Camela Giraud shares her feedback. If you have any insights for Kevin, be sure to post it, too!


Let Me Begin


While new schools to Canvas are discovering their best practices, schools who've been on Canvas for years are ready to 'begin again' and do some maintenance and additional house-keeping. KRISTIE BAYLESS wants to hear from other schools regarding User Maintenance Best Practices. "For the first time I'm hoping to initiate some user maintenance for staff and students who've left the district," she states. "While some of our schools have revolving door enrollment, a large number of these users are gone for good." How does your school deal with user maintenance? Inquiring minds want to know!


Keep hanging in there. For most of you, vacation (and a break) is just around the corner!