BoG 5/23/2016: Using Excel (or Not) and Interactive Spreadsheets

Blog Post created by Administrator on May 23, 2016

Ah, Excel. That spreadsheet tool that does a lot, but many may not always do a lot with it! From gradebook calculations to designing pivot tables to analyzing extensive data sets, there's always something new to be learned from using Excel (either as a newbie or a pro)! When it comes to Canvas, the following community members have a lot to share about Excel.


Canvas Data with Excel


When it comes to data, most teachers and admins have access to a Google Spreadsheets or Excel. And sometimes that's all you need! Educational Technologist, Jaap Stelpstra, understands the time constraints of Canvas teachers and has created incredible Excel spreadsheet templates with step-by-step processes to make the downloading of Canvas data to Excel easier and automating of progress reports of students in modules much more intuitive! If you're a teacher looking to do more with the data in your courses, use these resources to get you started!


Roll Call Attendance without Excel


Not an Excel person? No problem! Associated CTL Director at Dominican University, Ken Black, shares this quick-and-dirty tips to Using the Roll Call Report: A Guide for People Who Do Not Use Excel. "This document is intended to assist those who want to know exactly how many classes all of your students have missed at the end of a term…something Roll Call will not do for you on its own." WOAH!


Assignments with Interactive Excel


Eileen Durbin uses various interactive Excel spreadsheets where students can input data, run the calculations and send the answers back to her. She wants to know ways to integrate interactive Excel spreadsheet into Canvas assignments. Check out Kona's answer to her question or offer up a few tips of your own.


Whether or not you use Excel, let's all continue to _____ this week!