BoG 6/28/2016: Gamified Classrooms, Gradebooks, Pages

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Finding ways that foster student engagement is at the heart of our course designs. While gamification isn't the only method to keeping students enthusiastic, Canvas users are exploring different ways to enhance their courses with gaming elements.


Minecraft Assignments


Minecraft is a game of building constructions out of textured cubes, exploration, resource gathering, crafting, and combat in a 3D procedurally generated world. Given it's world-wide popularity, it's no wonder educators are considering ways to leverage or align this game with their course or assignment outcomes. David Ross, a Technology for Learning Specialist at Culver City Unified School District, asks Minecraft in the Elementary Classroom in the Gamification group. He's wondering if there are any best practices in using Minecraft in a K12 setting, specifically 4th graders.


Also, if you have further interest in Minecraft, specifically, you may want to vote up Minecraft in Education - a group suggestion that was submitted last year.


Interactive Content

Gideon Williams, Head of eLearning at The British School in the Netherlands, discovered Versal - Interactive Content. He blogged about his experiences in the K-12 group earlier this week, discussing the trials and tribulations of embedding Versal into Canvas. Be sure to read his post and consider experimenting with Versal yourself. Share your own experiences by commenting to his post or writing your own blog post!


Gamified Gradebook?


John Johnston, a Product Manager at University of Michigan, has been working with faculty to incorporate gameful learning practices into their Canvas courses. "I thought it might be useful if I started sharing some of the techniques (hacks) I've come up with," he states. Check out his tips for creating a Gamified Gradebook in Canvas in the Gamification group.


Have any tips, thoughts or questions on Gamification? Here are some people you ought to 'follow' who might be helpful: Gerol Petruzella, Janell Amely, Travis N Thurston, PhD, Randy Orwin, and Bradley Moser.


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