BoG 7/19/2016: It's Elementary, my dear!

Blog Post created by Administrator on Jul 19, 2016

While Canvas as a product functions similarly across all markets, it's also evident that its application is significantly different across markets. In some regards, K12 educators leverage Canvas differently than their counterparts in higher education. But that's to be expected. This week, let's focus on the interesting community discussions within K12!


How do YOU use Canvas?


Perhaps a good starting point is understanding how K12 teachers use Canvas. Courtney Cohron, the district Elementary Instructional Technology Coach at Noblesville Schools in Noblesville, Indiana, posted the following poll in the K-12 group: In What Kinds of Learning Environments Does Canvas Live? She is trying to get a sense of how other districts are using Canvas: 1-to-1, non 1-to-1, or both. Chime in with your feedback!


In addition to her poll, Courtney is also seeking input in Canvas in the Non 1:1 Elementary Classroom. Her biggest question is "how do I help my non 1:1 teachers see the positives of using a Learning Management System with only a small group of iPads?" If you are willing to share some effective examples of how non 1:1 teachers are using Canvas, your insights would prove helpful!


Organizing Canvas


Last week Laurie Boykin also started a discussion called Elementary and Canvas, where she wanted more feedback about ways to Canvas can help organize her classroom. If you have additional thoughts on leveraging modules, perhaps this would be a great opportunity to share you feedback with Laurie.


Discussions in the K12 Classroom


Depending on the grade-level you teach, online discussions via Canvas demands a level of technology literacy from your students. A few weeks ago, Donna Bergonzi asked for feedback from the Teaching Math in Canvas related to the discussion tool potentially being a distraction in her 6th grade classroom: Canvas in the Middle School Math classroom. Do you have best practices on how you enable discussions in your Canvas courses?


Keep being productive this week!