BoG 7/26/2016: Curating the Canvas Community

Blog Post created by Administrator on Jul 26, 2016

There has been a lot of activity in our community groups lately. Whether you just got back (and recovering) from InstructureCon 2016 or have taken some downtime to reflect on your teaching over the summer, we have a few inspired posts this week! With so many resources about Canvas (in the community or from the conference), it's always great when community members come back to share (and curate) newly discovered resources!


Cutting Your Teeth on LTIs


Garth Egbert wrote a stellar blog post in the Canvas Developers group called LTI 1.x - Useful Links. "I thought it might be useful to post some helpful resources that I found while cutting my teeth on LTI," he says. The blog includes must-bookmark links to online learning tools and testing platforms. "I think I've hit the key tools that I used to get started with LTI," he concludes. "Hopefully this will be useful to someone out there." Oh, yes, Garth. It will.


Denise Dejonghe re-caps the LTI your Canvas for Great Good from InstructureCon 2016 in her blog post: LTI your Canvas for Great Good. And Royce Robertson asks for community feedback Virtual Classroom LTI.


If you want more LTI goodness, be sure join the SIS & Integrations [ARCHIVE] group!


Getting Deep with Badges


If you're not following Dr Rimmer, you should. Over the last month, she's embraced the community and has been authoring some great blog posts. In her latest post called Do these children have time to learn deeply? she curates resources related to badging in Canvas - from past InstructureCon 2015 sessions to documents posted by Jared Ward (a Canvas badging pro). Not only does she share her thought-process behind WHY badging might help students dive deeper into learning, but she summarizes (in a bulleted list - yay!) the top resources one might need to get started with badging.


Want more on gamification? Join the Gamification group for more discussions on points, badges, and leaderboards!


Re-Caps of InstructureCon 2016


To date, we've had 58 blog posts from InstructureCon 2016 attendees (and some non-attendees, too)! If you want a curated conference experience, then be sure to read the highlights. If you attended (but are still processing your thoughts), be sure to post your re-cap before AUGUST 7, 2016 (where your post will still be eligible for points and badges).


As always, we enjoy catching up with you on a weekly basis!


Stay cool and productive this week!