BoG 8/4/2016: Project Nodes, Project-Based Learning, and Change Theories

Blog Post created by Administrator on Aug 4, 2016

Here are a few posts that will inspire you to discuss these insights with your colleagues. Figured, (at the very least) it'll be great reading, as you head into the weekend.




Timothy McKean started a great discussion in the Instructional Designers group called Module-at-a-glance graphic where he "created this graphic to place at the top of each page to show the student's location within the big picture of the module itself." Share your thoughts and insights on how you visual when designing your modules, especially since Canvas Studio: MasteryPaths is happening!


Project-Based Learning


It's always exciting to follow the journey of a teacher who is adapting and embracing different ways of teaching. In the discussion Project-based learning in the Higher Education group, Sue Elvins is exploring ways project-based learning might be applied to her curriculum. If you have implemented this method in your teachings, I'm sure Sue would love to hear your feedback!


Canvas Theory of Change


Woah. Have you seen this: Canvas Theory of Change model in the Canvas User Engagement group?! Who else, besides me, wants to sit down with Ryan Richards to chat more about his thought-process!? There is a lot of information to digest in this model, but the reasons that led to these visual outcomes are very well-articulated. Definitely worth downloading and staring at it a bit longer to let it fully sink in.


In other Canvas User Engagement news, a big congrats goes out to Kristin Lundstrum Spring Cleaning Blog Challenge! But additional recognition also goes to the other top 4 (who also get prizes): Jennifer Kolodner, Tracey Gould, Linda Macaulay, and Kona Jones.


Enjoy the weekend!