BoG 8/10/2016: JIVE Update, Product Feedback and One Direction (not the band)

Blog Post created by Administrator on Aug 10, 2016

We hope the Olympics aren't keeping everyone too far from the Canvas Community (although we wouldn't blame you if it were ). Anyway, between gymnastics and swimming, we thought we'd update you on a few changes we're seeing in various groups.


Upgrades to the "Join Group" Button


Two weeks ago, JIVE (the platform we use to host the Canvas community) pushed out a few updates. This update changed the way members are able to join groups. It used to be that members could join a group by clicking the "Join this group" button on the group banner.



Now, you must go to the ACTIONS menu and select "Join this group" in order to participate. It's not as intuitive, but at least the functionality still exists.



Learn more about groups by checking out: How do I participate in a group in the Canvas Community?


Feedback Needed for Data and Commons


Post-InstructureCon 2016, lots of people want to build on the momentum of Canvas Data Services and Data for Your District, Department, or School session. Data Product Manager Chris Ward asks this question in the Data and Analytics group: Canvas Data for Consortia and Districts. "The hope is that we can start a community of practice around Canvas Data for Consortia and Districts," he says. "Learn from and help each other as we stumble our way through this new territory, and help improve Canvas Data the product in this area."


Also, Commons Product Manager Kate McGee is working on gathering more information around master courses in Commons. Her team is "looking for insight into Master Course needs and usage and would appreciate your participate where applicable." Click to complete the Master Course Survey (which should only take about 5 minutes to complete). (NOTE: This survey will close on Friday 8/13 @ 5pm MST.)


A Clear Direction for CMUG


Canvas mobile expert Ryan Seilhamer (group leader for Canvas Mobile Users Group) has teamed up with Kristin Lundstrum to provide an exciting new direction for CMUG! "We are rebooting CMUG to add more content, and opportunities to give input to the Canvas mobile team. We'd like your help!" says Ryan. Chime in with your insights and join the group (if you haven't already)!


Enjoy the rest of the week and we'll touch base again next week!