BoG 8/17/2016: Grounded from Canvas!

Blog Post created by Administrator on Aug 17, 2016

Okay, we'll never really ground you from Canvas. And, we'll never really ground your parents from it, either! 


The discussion around parents and Canvas isn't new. In fact, we've referenced parents in a previous blog post, but now there's even more to talk about!


Parent App (Beta) is Here!


Most of you who follow The specified item was not found. or are following the development of The specified item was not found. are aware that the beta app has been released to the iOS and Android app stores! (Or you may have heard from Kristin Lundstrum from the Canvas Mobile Users Group group when she posted about it here.) Just another opportunity to let people know that there is a Canvas Parent Focus Group that you can join and offer additional feedback and direct comments to the product teams.


Parent-Teacher Conferences


Canvas teachers and admins (especially in K-12) are very interested in knowing the Parent Use of Canvas. And one topic that has come up a few times is Sign-up for Parent Conferences in Canvas (a question posted by Laura Lopez). If you have any insights on ways to leverage Canvas to facilitate these processes, we'd love to hear them! Also, if you may also want to watch the video STUDY HALL: Successful Parent-Teacher Conferences that Jana Capps presented earlier this year for additional ideas.


Parents and Portals


A technical question came up in the Canvas Admins groups last month from Melissa Buonato regarding PowerSchool Parents/Observer Accounts that bears re-surfacing since it didn't get much response.

It would be so nice if we could put a passthrough for parents accessing Canvas via the Parent Portal. Anyone have a process for bringing parents into Canvas. We can create the  user and observer CSV files to do a SIS import but this seems very manual.

If you are familiar with The specified item was not found. and can provide feedback to Melissa, that would be fantastic!


Stay productive!