BoG 8/22/2016: Build Trust, Be Friendly, Make It Personal

Blog Post created by Administrator on Aug 22, 2016

As you're tweaking your lesson plans and finalizing your syllabus, you may find (and offer) great tips related to these student-specific topics.


Create a Seamless Student Login Experience


Trust relationships between two schools make it so students can only log into Canvas at one institution to also see their courses for both schools. It makes the experience hassle-free from the student POV. At the end of spring semester, Stephanie Pope, eLearning Systems Operations Manager at Oaks Christian Online School asked the Canvas Admins group members for suggestions for establishing Trust Relationships. After a few months with no responses, we figured this topic was worth a revisit. "The community has very little documentation about this and would love to use this discussion thread to compile information for future use," she says. And she's right! Pitch in and share your insights on this topic so there can be resources to reference for the next community member!


Share Friendly (Student) and Faculty Advice


When it comes to Canvas, Ken Black is full of tips and Friendly advice, such as, disabloing "Use remote version of Rich Content Editor AND sidebar". From his blog post What the Setup Checklist Does Not Tell You to his most-viewed document Non-Graded Assignments: How They are Seen by Students and Faculty, his advice is worth bookmarking (and profile worth friending - aka following). Want to hear more from Ken? He's going to be presenting in the upcoming webinar in CanvasLIVE called What’s New in Canvas (Fall 2016) - be sure to RSVP! Or, connect with him directly in CanvasLIVE Chatrooms.


Engage with Students


Susan Nugent shared her take-aways from a panel discussion she attended at her school (Lake Land College) where students shared their experiences taking classes. "During the panel discussion, [the topic of] online learning came up, which was interesting to me," she says. "In their discussions [the students] all felt online courses were very impersonal." She goes on to share her tips on Engaging Students in Online Courses. Susan can sometimes be seen lurking about in the CanvasLIVE Chatrooms.


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