BoG 8/29/2016: Scholarly Writing

Blog Post created by Administrator on Aug 29, 2016

The level of knowledge shared and the quality of information curated never ceases to amaze me. Check out the latest contributions from these brilliant people!




Every once in a while a member will go above-and-beyond with her contribution and author something that is worth bookmarking, sharing (and possibly downloading as a .pdf to reference for future use). These documents share more than "tips and tricks", but rather deep-dive into ways that ultimately can change your workflow. When we come across these documents, we can't help but award them the DISSERTATION badge (+200 points!).


Check out the latest community dissertation authored by Sarah Stevenson in the Instructional Designers group: Organizing Media Files with Tabs and Tables. Sarah writes:

I am creating this resource for those who, like me, use a lot of media files in their courses and would like to be able to organize them in a way that is less visually overwhelming.

Take a look at her solutions with the HTML codes included (sweet!!!) and see if these solutions might be a good fit for your course(s). Be sure to chime in with your suggestions and modifications, too!


For more great content: check out other documents that have been recognized as community dissertations.


Congrats to the Newest Community Scholar: Sean Nufer!


For anyone in the community who authors 10+ blog posts (and accumulates over 1000+ views) earns the badge and title of community SCHOLAR (+500 points!). Sean Nufer only recently started blogging in the Canvas community (July 2016) and has been posting excellent commentary (which average about 100+ views with each post)! Check out all of Sean's blog posts here!


Speaking of our community blogging scholars, here's the latest post from one of our first community scholars: James Jones' Unassigning the Front Page.


Collegiate Mobile Discussion


Nothing beats a great conversation sparked by intelligent commentary. Check out Steven Cain's blog post entitled "How much mobile are students expecting?" It continues to have on-going discussions and thoughtful contributions from some of our top mobile gurus like Kristin Lundstrum and Ryan Seilhamer (the founder of our Canvas Mobile Users Group group). Very timely topic around an evolving technology. We hope to hear more of your insights, Steve (future community scholar?).


Enjoy the rest of your week!