• Gradebook Enhancements: Design Rationale

    Rationale Extensive research has resulted in a long list of opportunities for improvement. This project addresses the most foundational items (phase 1) and then builds on those in phase 2 to elevate the user experien...
    Renee Carney
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  • New Gradebook: Tentative Q3 2019 transition date feedback

    We would like to change everyone over to New Gradebook when it impacts the least amount of active users, and provide ample time for training. Our tentative goal is Q3 of 2019, when many northern hemisphere s...
    Renee Carney
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  • Gradebook Total Calculation

    For some reason, when computing student grade totals, the default in Canvas is to exclude assignments that the students don't complete.  VERY FEW professors allow students to decide which assignments they want to...
    Constance Lightner
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  • Student Grade Page Update

    Grant Harbor
    created by Grant Harbor
  • Keep Highest Scores ???

    Why is there not an option for "Keep Highest Scores" in the assignment group setting? How does CANVAS/instructure suggest that we accomplish this? Is there a work around?   There are several posts for this fea...
    Kimberly Smith
    created by Kimberly Smith
  • Discussion Posts

    It  would be helpful to have a statistic that counts how many times students post in the discussion, both in creating their own threads and responding to other student/instructor threads. Any thoug...
    Michael Hundley
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  • Printing and Viewing Rubrics

    I would like to see a rubric view that shows full descriptions (i.e., "expand descriptions) and then be able to print out or copy the text from the rubric to a document. I have created a number of rubrics in Canvas. H...
    Susan D Day
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  • Sort Assignments showing most recent first

    It would be helpful to be able to sort assignments so that the most recent come up first in the grade book rather than having to keep scrolling to the right every time you want to grade. 
    created by TONI BIANCARDI
  • Posting grades to SIS

    Our school system's high school is a two semester-four term school year. When grades are posted within Canvas to populate to the SIS it includes all grades for each term and semester active. Suggestion of having a dat...
    Mike Crumley
    created by Mike Crumley