• Sound files in quizzes.next

    When will the option to load audio files (.mp3) files be added into quizzes.next? This option is currently available in the old quiz text editor and it is a critical component especially for music courses. It is missi...
    Kona Jones
    created by Kona Jones
  • Canvas Data - Quizzes.Next

    Please include all data from Quizzes.Next into Canvas data just like the "legacy" Quiz tool.  Having this information is very important to our institution and the fact that this wasn't a part of the general relea...
    Joni Miller
    created by Joni Miller
  • Is there a way to setup a "quick retake" for quizzes where students only have to answer the questions they got wrong?

    Many homework programs put out by publishers (Connect Math, Web Assign, Mastering, etc.) allow homework assignments to be set up such that students can have multiple attempts at the assignment (which Canvas allows).&#...
    Katrina Nagle
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  • Keep Highest Scores ???

    Why is there not an option for "Keep Highest Scores" in the assignment group setting? How does CANVAS/instructure suggest that we accomplish this? Is there a work around?   There are several posts for this fea...
    Kimberly Smith
    created by Kimberly Smith
  • Quizzes.Next: Design Rationale

    Rationale The assessment and measurement of student knowledge is a critical component in the education cycle.  The need for well-developed assessment tools (quizzes, tests, exams)  is reliant upon the moder...
    Renee Carney
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