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InstructureCon 2015

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winnerwinner_black_zpsa29ce757.gifIt has almost been a month since we gathered to learn, share, and grow together, at InstructureCon!


You may have noticed that some of the video recordings from #instcon sessions have been posted to our Youtube Channel. Be sure to subscribe to our channel and you'll get notified whenever we upload new videos! And if you're just feeling nostalgic, feel free to check out the InstructureCon 2015 - Highlight Reel.


Lest ye forget, just before the conference began, we posed an #instcon challenge. Now we're here to share with you the 10 lucky well-deserving winners! The first ten people who posted to the InstructureCon 2015 Blog will receive a 30 point bonus, in the Canvas Community! You can hover over their names and learn more about them, and even "follow" them!


Oh, and if you weren't fast enough to earn this big bundle of points, there are lots of ways that everyone can earn points/reputation in the Community! What if you could use your points to purchase awesome Canvas swag?!


Now, here are your winners:


  1. David Lyons
  2. Robin Bagent
  3. Martha Zumack
  4. Kona Jones
  5. Christie Fierro
  6. Chris Long
  7. Travis N Thurston, PhD
  8. Kristin Lundstrum
  9. Matthew Jennings
  10. Mark James


For the honorable mention (+20 pts), we'd also like to recognize Gerol Petruzella and Erin Wadsworth-Anderson who posted the 11th and 12th blog entries, respectively. What ever would we have done if we didn't know how to take sneakyselfieswithkenneth??


We miss you all, and are already looking forward to next year!


Onward and upward!


~ Jordan

Instructurecon2015 was totally amazing. Kudos to everyone who had a part in planning and executing the event.

This post originally appeared on my personal blog: #Instcon 2015: the Connectivist Conference | DesignED Learning

I attempted an experiment this past week at InstructureCon (#instcon) 2015.  Instead of taking "solo notes" during sessions, I decided to tweet out my notes with the goal of curating them later.

This started as an experiment during the #instcon #uncon, but I was instantly hooked!

Adam Nemeroff on Twitter: "Sometimes I should reach for one sticky note! #instcon #uncon"


In a moment's time, I realized that I could both get and give more by extending beyond my own solo notes.  I could give people my thoughts (not that they matter), allow someone to virtually attend a session they didn't attend, and see my thoughts in real time as a momentary stream of consciousness blog and account.

#Instcon without my realizing it, became my first experience jumping feet first into a "connectivist conference." I started to experience the conference in very different ways.  I made friends face-to-face and online at the same time, then blended those experiences and pieces together.

This all culminated in a ton of tweets, new friends, and lots of fun!  Sorry for the twitter spam everyone!

I've attempted to pull together my 600+ tweets into three storify collections by day of the conference.  I broke up each session with dividers and descriptive text.

Tuesday Tweets -

Wednesday Tweets -

Thursday Tweets -

Instructional Designers InstructureCon 2015

AdamNemeroff.pngWell, it's official. The Top Tweeter digital badge goes to Adam Nemeroff. Wa-hoo!!! Congrats on being the one to post the most tweets about #instcon.


As of Monday June 22, 2015, all digital badges will officially be inactivated. So, if you want to earn one, be sure to add those pictures in the Conference Photo Album, post your take-aways into the InstCon Blog and share your experiences from HACK NIGHT and COURSE HACK NIGHT.


Please be patient as we award the "InstructureCon 2015" to all who attended (these will take a while). If you have any questions about your digital badges click What if I didn't receive a badge that I should have? [DELETED]


If you want to earn more fun badges, check out What types of badges are available in the community?



Hey everyone! I hope you all had as amazing a time as I did at InstructureCon 2015. So many great people, so much great information and inspiration. As you may or may not know, I am working on starting up a podcast all about Canvas. After recording an interview with Jordan Dayton during Thursday's afternoon break he made a wonderful suggestion that I encourage anyone who was at this year's conference to submit a recording of their experiences this year to include in future episodes. Of course I thought this was brilliant!


So if you would like to contribute an audio or video recording, duration between 1 and 10 minutes, I would love to try and find a way to incorporate it in to the podcast. You can create it however you like, do not fret about "quality" and submit it to me in any number of ways. I will list a few below:

  • If it's online, you can send me a link to it via a comment below, Twitter: Adam Williams (@theixle), G+: Adam Williams - Google+
  • If it's just a file, you can probably email it to me to my work email:, though I would encourage use of Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive and the above method.
  • If you don't feel like recording it at all contact me and I would be happy to set up a time to interview you and record it for you.


Please feel free to talk about whatever you like but if you need ideas here are some to get you started:

  • Did you have any interesting travel experiences? Meet anyone on the plane/train/automobile interesting?
  • What pre-conference activities did you enjoy? Hacking, Un-conference, etc?
  • Was it your first #instcon? Did it meet or exceed expectations?
  • Did you present? How was that experience?
  • What was your favorite session(s)? Keynote? Why?




It was a beautiful sunrise this morning in Park City!  Hard to say goodbye to such an amazing week of connections, sharing, and morale boosting workshops.  Stay in touch with the people you felt inspired by this year and find each other in the Community to keep the conversations going.... until next year.

Shauna Vorkink

Grease is the Word...

Posted by Shauna Vorkink Jun 19, 2015


Olivia Newton John was here!  She gave a fantastic performance with songs from her early Country albums, musical show tunes, and some of her all time favorites.  Check out The Official Website for Olivia Newton-John if you found yourself wondering about her life and music and want to read more!  The Pink Ladies and T-Birds in the audience were invited up to the stage to sing along with the iconic Summer Lovin'. Several lucky conference attendees won a chance to meet her backstage after the show.  Do you remember the first time you saw Grease, how old were you and how any times have you watched it since then?


Shauna Vorkink

Theme Song

Posted by Shauna Vorkink Jun 19, 2015

Student-Centered Learning: The Song for the 2015 InstCon was performed live last night for the first time here on stage! If you haven't downloaded the track yet, here's the link that will take you to the download page: InstructureCon 2015. I was hoping at some point we would have a group performance...  I found myself humming, head bopping, or singing along every time it played.  Thank You to artist Stephanie Mabey, you can read more about her music here: Stephanie Mabey Music, Lyrics, Songs, and Videos .


Shauna Vorkink

Kids K-3 Love Canvas

Posted by Shauna Vorkink Jun 18, 2015



Have you ever thought "I teach K-3 so Canvas just can't help me that much."  This workshop will change your mind! Elementary students demonstrate their engagement and love of Canvas by using the available tools to create an active community as students.  Maximizing Canvas in the Elementary Classroom did more than share great designs and tool usage. Most importantly, it talked about how to get both parents and students to BUY-IN to Canvas and start to really appreciate and utilize it.  Gertrude Ivory and Maria Lewis are gearing up for a 1:1 initiative with third graders and chromebooks.  They expressed that there is a wealth of information on higher grade initiatives.  Their goal in attending this session is to learn how to mix and match the great processes and content in Canvas, work in teams, and create powerful places for their younger learners.






Use Canvas to self assess your own engagement with your courses, or to check up on others as they roll out implementation.  Check out the presentation from this afternoon's workshop I’m So Tired: Managing Fatigue with Canvas. Particularly valuable for those of you who support many other teachers, there is a new tool that will allow you to evaluate, intervene, and provide support and assistance when teachers start to show signs of burnout. Presenter Jeff Faust shared step by step instructions for integration and his vision on how we can use it to help improve performance and active learning.  Canvas has data and analytics that make it so easy to see trends.




Connecting with students in an online environment can always be a challenge.  Canvas has so many options to connect with students and make them feel like they are part of the online class community. Have you used the Scheduler to set up appointments with your students? Conferences or Chat can help you reach out and talk in real time - kickoff projects and report back on how it is going, start a back and forth dialogue, and share your feedback.  Peer Review can allow other students to connect with the other students.  More than 80% of the students responded that they agreed peer reviews were a valuable and important part of the course.  They want to see what other students are working on and get another opportunity to gather insight on what they can do better in their own work.Photo26.JPG

New Canvas Users are ready to go use Cool Tools in their own classrooms! Cool Tools for Canvas.

Shauna Vorkink

Mobile Initiatives

Posted by Shauna Vorkink Jun 18, 2015


Many schools are pushing the frontier into 1:1 initiatives from students.  This afternoon session Our Outgoing Journey to Mobile Parity talked about some of the third party tools they use to make their Mobile Design a reality for students and allow them to work everywhere at any time.  As schools move towards designing specifically for the devices that students are relying on more and more, we can assist each other to find the best ways to support students in they places and ways they choose to do their learning!


Shauna Vorkink

Roadmap Review

Posted by Shauna Vorkink Jun 18, 2015



If you missed Brian Gates big announcements at the General Session, you have a second chance to check out his presentation this afternoon going into more detail about the Data soon to be available for Canvas Users. Canvas Product Vision.  Daily users of Canvas should be heartened to hear that the majority of attention and time spent by Instructure is dedicated to making the daily workflow as good as possible. Those of us who are using it every day know how much time and effort those small enhancements can really make. Brian encouraged users to check out the new interface and the other big products currently in Beta, like Commons & Catalog, and share feedback to make them awesome.


The specified item was not found.  is a great place to check out all the new and upcoming enhancements!

Susan Bastian

Invigorated Exhaustion

Posted by Susan Bastian Jun 18, 2015

I've always loved going to educational conferences - when I was a K-8 teacher, the Science Teacher conferences always seemed to fall in February or March - just when I needed a break and I always returned to my classroom re-energized for the remainder of the school year.


I pursued a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction (focusing on Science Education) because I really wanted to make a difference in how we prepared future science teachers and how college courses were taught. K-12 seemed to have figured out a lot of what "works", but I wasn't seeing that in the college students I knew and worked with.


I wasn't sure what to expect from my first InstructureCon. It's been incredibly rewarding and invigorating to see so many higher-ed teachers, administrators, and tech folks so motivated to learn new ways to teach, to learn new ways to enhance their students' education. I've learned so much from so many incredibly innovative people who are amazingly generous with their knowledge, expertise, and time.


My brain feels a bit like this:


Except that I don't want to be excused from class! There's so much more to learn, so many more connections to make.


I'm going to sleep for about three days when I get back home, and then I think I'll need a week (or maybe two) to process everything I've learned.


I endured a canceled flight, lost luggage, altitude sickness, a horrendous head cold, and a serious lack of sleep....


....but I don't even care.


InstructureCon has been worth every single second. I can't wait to come back!


p.s. - If we connected anywhere this week, please feel free to connect with me in the Canvas Community or follow me on twitter (I'm Susan.M.Bastian there.)

Shauna Vorkink

Partner Showcase

Posted by Shauna Vorkink Jun 18, 2015


If you missed the hat building contest and the Partner Booths along the boardwalk don't despair.  You can find them in the Hyatt today and see what integrations they have to offer! Come check out the add in tools they have to offer.

Photo24.JPG Photo23.JPG