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Blog Post created by Renee Carney Administrator on Jun 16, 2015

I Dreamed a Dream: Creative Creation in Canvas


Jeremy Perkins Started the session sharing his dream - Easy creation of beautiful content that does not involve html - Per Les Miserables, some dreams cannot be.


However, Jeremy has shared some simple tips to make beautiful creation easier using simple html, Canvas Style Guides, and LTIs (or External Tools).


As I sit in the back of the room I see excited Canvas uses of all levels and abilities that are comfortably toggling between the rich content editor and html editor to modify and manipulate the look and feel of a content page.  The greatest takeaway is to get connected in the Canvas LMS Community and keep learning together.  Join the Instructional Designers group to connect with like minds!


I'm hoping Jeremy will create a blog post sharing his custom worksheet developed using the style guide!  It allows for immediate response as students interact with content - so cool!!!