Erin Hallmark

Why I Heart InstructureCon

Blog Post created by Erin Hallmark Administrator on Jun 16, 2015

Last night (or more accurately, very early in the morning), I was thinking about why we do what we do as employees at Canvas. I can't speak for everyone at Instructure, but I can probably speak for a good majority of them. I used to work in an industry where I felt like my job really didn't matter, where people were completely consumed with their own achievements and more or less lived in an isolated bubble. I realize not everyone agreed with my philosophy, but I was just grateful to have a job. When I was lucky enough to land a place with Instructure, my whole world brightened and for the first time I felt like my work mattered to people—that it mattered to me. I love coming to InstructureCon so I can get to meet people in real life, not just on Twitter or in the Community (Kona Jones I'm looking at you). InstructureCon also creates a palpable atmosphere that can't be experienced or re-created anywhere else. Our customers are our heroes; what we are doing is literally changing the world and making a difference in education. What we do matters. What we do—together—matters. And coming to work every day is a privilege for me. To our customers, thank you for trusting Canvas in assisting with your educational pursuits. I love being a part of what you do.