• InstructureCon 2016 Post-Conference Feedback

      tl;dr: This is an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2016! Please post before reading the comments from others. Then feel free to reply ...
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  • Pokemon Go @ Instructurecon

    With the popularity of the game over the weekend, who's planning on hunting pokemon around the Keystone Resort next week?
    Victor Yee
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  • Hoedowns, Bulls, and Boots

      Renee Carney and I had a bet: If she could ride the bull for the traditional eight-seconds, I would also ride the bull. She made it for seven seconds.   I rode anyway and made it fourteen.   Scott...
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  • Thoughts on InstructureCon 2016....

      Some of my very high conference highlights.... (Accuracy of my notes may vary.)   Instructure now has ~2000 clients. (I think we were around #1000 three years ago.) Penn State and the Penn State World Ca...
    Rob Gibson
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  • InstCon 2016 - A Vendor's Perspective

    I'm Chris Munzo with The specified item was not found. and we were one of the exhibiting partners at InstructureCon in Keystone.  I just wanted to reach out to the community with a blanket "thank you"!   I'...
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  • Heroes Among US

    I am pretty sure I have found the star of this film this morning at Instructurecon:  
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  • Mountain Running

    Anyone want to sneak out for an early morning or evening trail run? Haven't scoped out any specific trails yet, but would love to get above tree line, maybe get on a peak. 5-10 miles (or more, if we have time). Who's ...
    Brenden Goetz
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  • Unofficial InstructureCon Running Group

    For the second year running (huh huh), I'm convening an unofficial morning InstructureCon Running and Networking group. I'll put together a six-mile route, but I'll loop it so people wanting to do shorter runs have op...
    Lee Clontz
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  • Who can collect all five of our buttons?

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  • Find a Bunk Mate / Online Share Board

    There have been a few posts regarding finding roommates for the condos in Keystone. It was suggested by Janell Amely that somebody start a board for this purpose. I didn't see one as of yet, correct me if I am wrong, ...
    Randy Orwin
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  • I only see options for 2 or 3 bedroom lodging. I am only one. What do I do?

    I only see options for 2 or 3 bedroom lodging. I am only one. Suggestions? I want to come but I don't imagine I can get funding for a 2 bedroom by myself.
    Sarah Aldridge
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  • conference agenda available for 2016

    Is the conference agenda available for the upcoming InstructureCon Conference?
    Doris Jordan
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  • Shuttle Service from Denver to Keystone

    Does the Shuttle service from the InstructureCon Transportation link (registration page) begin early in the day?  What is the name of the shuttle service?  The link isn't working tonight and I wanted to get ...
    Vickey Sullivan
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  • Previous highlights - your tips?

    Hi there - I am in Australia and have not attended before. Are any of you who have been before able to share with me the learning highlights of previous InstrucureCons? What have been the best presentations and why? T...
    Caitlin Crowley
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