• Online Attendance for InstructureCon

    Will any conference sessions be streamed online or conducted in a webinar format so attendees can attend online?
    Manish Tripathi
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  • Where is my Instructurecon 2016 Attendee Badge???

    I attended Instructurecon 2016 and haven't received my badge for attendance. What do I need to do to get this? I know this sounds silly, but I really want it. I can send pictures, actually I posted pictures from good ...
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  • Is there a date yet for 2017?

    I'd be interested in attending this event in 2017. Are there any details yet about a date or location?
    Lori Sobota
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  • Are there any Camp Canvas sweatshirts available for purchase?

    At the conference, my colleague lost his Camp Canvas sweatshirt in one of the conference room sessions. I was wondering if (a) there are any sweatshirts left, and (b) if yes, can I purchase one? I'd like to surprise h...
    Rosie Sasso
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  • Did anyone else bring home any really mundane souvenirs?

    My most mundane souvenir: I swapped out my Kroger Plus key tag for one from the City Market down Route 6 in Dillon.
    Britain Woodman
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  • Will InstructureCon 2016 session videos be posted to the Canvas YouTube channel in addition to being available in the commons?

    Hello, I have never been to InstructureCon but have loved having a virtual conference by watching the sessions on YouTube when release. i was wondering if this year's sessions would be available on the Canvas YouTube...
    Michael Mohammad
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  • Seeking information concerning an InstructureCon 2016 session

    I picked up the above pictured card at InstructureCon 2016.  I was, unfortunately, not able to attend the meeting on the lobby patio. Is there anyone who was able to attend that might be able to provide me with s...
    Jeffrey Brady
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  • Accessing conference materials

    How do I access the instructurecon speaker materials?
    Glori Hinck
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  • Is there a more accessible place to get meals during InstructureCon 2016?

    As clarification - we had to skip both dinner and the concert tonight because we couldn't get the stroller into Decatur field (the ramp across the street was scarily-steep, but we somehow made it).  Our current o...
    Tara Bunag
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  • Slides?

    I did search, pardon if this is a repeat question, but where are the 2016 InstructureCon slides from presentations? And are there slides for the pre-con workshops?   I know lots of us were locked out of the more...
    Christin Deville
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  • Access to Presentations from Conference

    How can I access the presentations from the sessions.  I can't locate in the commons?  Thanks!
    Patricia Sexton
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  • Transportation to downtown Denver (shuttle, ride-share)?

    My flight home leaves at 7pm on Friday, and I was thinking of spending the day in Denver before heading to the airport. The shuttle service only seems to run to the airport. Does anyone know of a shuttle that will dro...
    Graham Ballantyne
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  • Where can I locate the bus stops for instructurecon from KeyCondo?

    1463 E Keystone Rd, Keystone, CO 80435
    Meegie Wheat
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  • Live-Stream Keynote Speakers?

    Are you streaming the Keynote sessions? For those of us who are "holding down the fort" we'd love to hear the keynote speakers at our desktops. We promise to clap and cheer them on too! Meg
    Meg Yanalunas
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  • My wife (not a registrant) will also be in colorado with me... can she come to 6am yoga?

    (Presuming that it is not "full" of folks?)
    Pete Bodary
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  • looking to reserve a space for group meeting

    I'm looking for a location on the conference site where the 18 people in our group can meet during the conference.  I'd like to reserve a space around 6:00pm on Wednesday if that's possible or a suggestion for an...
    Catherine Crouch
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  • Evening Events

    Can spouses attend the evening activities? If so, how do we pay for their meals and such?
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  • Will the Adventure Center be open for conference attendees?

    The Adventure Center where you rent bikes, kayaks, etc. say it is closed to the public during the conference. Does this mean it is open to conference attendees. Are there special rates, deals etc. it it is open for th...
    Matthew Swift
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  • PDF version of the program details?

    can I get a PDD version of all session introductions so I can print and look at all of them while I cannot access to my PC?
    Li Wang
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  • Do you have online participation for those who can not go to CO physically?

    Do you have online participation option for those who cannot go to Keystone psychically? Thanks.
    Hong Lin
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