• template

    Where can I find the PPT template for speakers?
    Perry Samson
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  • What is the cost to view the recordings after the conference?

    We have a time conflict and cannot attend the conference.  Which sessions will be recorded and what is the cost to access the recordings?
    last modified by Julia
  • On Wednesday, will Canvas API Calls Using Google Apps Script be available?

    Will the "Canvas API Calls Using Goolge Apps Script" session be available on Wed?
    Sabine Zabarovska
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  • Will the presentations from all breakout sessions be made available to attendees for download?

    There are so many great sessions, but obviously you can only be in one place at a time.  Will the presentations from all of the breakout sessions be made available to all attendees?
    Joe Allen
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  • Need to reserve a conference room or outdoor space for a group meeting

    I'm looking for a location on the conference site where the 18 people in our group can meet during the conference.  I'd like to reserve a space around 6:00pm on Wednesday if that's possible or a suggestion for an...
    Catherine Crouch
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  • Anyone bringing kids/family?

    Trying to plan things out - I probably want to bring husband and 5 year old girl.  Anyone else bringing family?  She is an only child and would love to be around some other kids at some point during the week!
    Joni Miller
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  • Is Turnitin presenting at InstCon 2016?

    I looked through the list of Partner sessions, and couldn't find a presentation by Turnitin scheduled. Is Turnitin scheduled to present, and if so, would someone point me to the event link? Thanks!
    Stefanie Sanders
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  • UnConference?

    Will there be another UnConference this year?
    Rob Gibson
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  • registering a family member to participate in the food and fun portion of InstructureCon

    Hi, I want  to register a family member to participate in the food and fun portion of the event. How do I do this?
    last modified by Freya
  • Help! 

    I'm coming from Australia and don't want to pack a lot of 'just in case' items, so I'm wondering if I there is anything else I need to bring  (besides the obvious) for the Conference and social functions. Any adv...
    Jacki Allen
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  • As I register for sessions, how do I see my schedule?

    I have been going through the schedule and have been marking sessions that I plan to attend or "maybe" will attend.  Where do I go to get a summary of my schedule?
    last modified by KRISTOPHER MCALOON
  • Conference Sessions

    Hi! I'm attending the conference and wanted to note sessions I wanted to attend, but I can't figure out how to do so.
    Liz Prickett
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  • Day Pass or Commuter Pass Registration?

    Hello! I am wondering if it's possible to register for a commuter/day pass or "drop in" just for a day! My co-worker and I would like to join for July 20th but are unable to make it for the other days. Does anyone kno...
    Daniel Paris
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  • First timer

    Hi, this is going to  be my first time and like some others I'm coming from Australia.  I've only just ben given approval to go, so I'm madly looking at trying to organise flights and accommodation. I may ha...
    Jacki Allen
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  • What is included in the guest pass ($395) other than meals?

    The cost seems a bit high just for meals.
    Susan Guinn
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  • Is there a way to see which break-out sessions are being held at which times without having to click on each individual session?  Will there be a version of the schedule easily printed or downloaded showing all sessions with short description and specific

    Looking for an easy way to browse break-out sessions with specific details on times/locations without having to click on each individual session. 
    last modified by CARY KNAUFF
  • How can I contact the host for a conference pre-session?

    I am trying to contact the host for the following session: How to Light a Fire and Build an LTI Kevin Hansen Unfortunately, I can't comment on the original document, and I haven't been able to find any email addre...
    Tara Bunag
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  • How many attendees?

    Hi,   I was wondering how many people attend this conference?   Also, can you provide me with a summary of what Canvas is?   Thanks,   Shannon
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  • Will any of the sessions be available to attend online?

    Will any of the sessions be available online (streamed online for attendance virtually instead of in-person)?
    Manish Tripathi
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  • How do you create a personalized schedule

    How do you go about creating personalized schedule?
    Phil Davis
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