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USU's Learning Paths Tool

Blog Post created by Lydia Page on Jul 20, 2016
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A quick recap of the Gimme S'more Learning Choices session:

USU's Learning Paths - YouTube

This afternoon I attended the Learning Paths Tool breakout session from Utah State University. I'm always so excited to see what Utah State has been up to; it's one of my favorite parts about coming to InstructureCon. As usual they did a great job. This session showcased a course that allowed students to choose their own learning paths. It was a really beautiful design, made really great use of those CIDI tools, it looked great.


Some of the big takeaways are consideration of the amount of grading that piles up, especially when the data is showing that students were turning in their assignments right at the deadlines, waiting until the last minute. And having all that grading pile up for the TAs, or whoever happens to be in charge of grading. Another interesting find is the type of assignments students chose to complete. They didn't necessarily choose a lot of variety with the open learning path, they mostly did the discussions and maybe not some of the other assignments.


It looked really great, really interesting, a good use of data. It seems like it will be even better in the next term. No real word on if we'll be able to get it from the Commons. Hopefully, but with those proprietary tools, not all of us will be able to get our hands on the course completely.