Denise Dejonghe

Highlights from It’s a Mobile World, Join Us!

Blog Post created by Denise Dejonghe on Jul 24, 2016

The most important takeaways from this session were:

  1. The video that demonstrates using the mobile app from both the instructor and student perspectives:

A Day in the Life with Canvas Mobile from Ryan on Vimeo.

This video will be useful in showing how Instructors can use the mobile app to create announcements, participate in discussions, and send/receive messages. It also shows how Students can receive announcement notifications, send/receive messages, take quizzes, participate in discussions, and check their grades using the app.


2. That UDOIT will soon include a mobile course check along with the accessibility check.

We’ve been using Ryan’s previous presentation video as a resource for faculty to manually check their courses to ensure they are mobile-friendly. We look forward to an automated course check.


According to Ryan Seilhamer, the presenter, UCF’s surveys show that students consider Grades to be the most important mobile feature. They also consider Assignments, To Do and Announcements to be very important. Their least favorite features are People and then Groups!